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3U 16x SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RAID 0, 1, 5, 6*, 10, 50, JBOD for Mac, Windows and Linux controller included - RM16-ER5

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3U 16x SATA 6Gb/s RAID / JBOD scalable up to forty drives for Mac, Windows and Linux controller included

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Finally a Massive, Scale-able twenty drive with optional of forty drive, Fast, Affordable, Protected, Turn Key RAID system is available to the computing market: audio/visual and servers applications with 40Gb/s PCI RAID host controller included.

3U rack mount - including rack rail - 16x SATAIII (6Gb) drive featuring RAID 0, 1, 5, 6*, 10, 50, JBOD and hot spare mini SAS (SFF-8088) connection supports OS 10.5.x, Windows , FreeBSD, and Linux (32/64bit), expandable to

Availability: In stock

SKU: RM16-ER5 3U Sixteen (16) SATA bay rack mount with PCIe RAID controller   +$1,899.95

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RM16-ER5 - Key Features
  • Readly to use 16 bay 3U rack mount - expand-able up to 20 drives (required addition RM4-S6)
  • RAID level: 0, 1, 5, 6*, 10, 50, JBOD + hot spare - PCI express V2 RAID controller included
  • Array roaming - Move RAID to different system without rebuilt
  • Online RAID level/stripe size migration
  • Online capacity expansion & RAID level migration simultaneously
  • Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuilding
  • Support S.M.A.R.T, NCQ and OOB staggered spin-up capable drives
  • SMTP support for email notification
  • SNMP agent supports for remote SNMP Manager

DAT Optic has answered the challenge of storage industry with the world's most cost-effective, highly reliable (RAID5/6*), massive storage 160TB (20 x 8TB HDD) or larger due to 48bit LBA backplan in 3U rack mount as a turn-key system ready to deploy where protected data, fast and easy to manage is a must.

Available in 3U Rack mount Chassis and a SINGLE mini SAS cable SFF-8088l) connection to host system offering 6.0Gb per channel for total of 24Gb bandwidth

The DAT Optic RM16-ER5 is as a turn-key RAID system with 16x SATA drive, upgrade-able to 20x SATA drive (RM4-S6 required) featuring RAID 0, 1, 5, 6*, 50+ HS or JBoD fully support MAC, Windows, and Linux.

High performance
With direct connect to system host via x8 lanes PCI express V2 (40Gbps) interface, coupling with high perform RAID engine and environment sensing (fan, temperature, S.M.A.R.T...) RM16-ER5 provides an unparalleled of high reliable of protect data for users, who demand Enterprise class performance with a fraction of cost

The RM16-ER5 not only provides a high reliable sustained data rate, protected data, but also very fast transfer rate! The graphs show how well the RM16-ER5 is able to handle a real life scenario.

If there is a need of more storage space, RM16_ER5 can upgrade up to 20x HDD, without HDD size limited, RM16-ER5 can provide 100's TB of near line storage or massive back up library.

RM16-ER5 is a perfect storage solution for growing, and expandable is expected.

Easy RAID management
RM16-ER5 system RAID management can be access in multiple ways:

  • Hot key at BIOS boot-up screen. This pre-boot manager utility can be used to simplify the set up and management of the RAID configuration (PC x86 Platform)
  • RAID set up and management can be access via Web GUI. This method allows both local and remote control, configured, monitor of RAID status

Monitor and Report
Unlike other RAID system in the market, RM16-ER5 fully supports S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, and email notification. Our RM16-ER5 can notify by email up to four email addresses on any predefined even, even just a daily report of the RAID itself.
This certainly will take out the guess work and uncertainty about the storage

Email Notification

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Part Number RM16-SR5
Sixteen (16) SATAIII bay RAID/JBoD with scale-able up to 40 drives in 3U rack mount
Physical Mount Space 3U rack mount sixteen SATAI, II, III bays
Operating System Compatible Mac, Linuc, Windows and Free BSD
LED Display (Chassis) FAN normal – Green; fail – Red (too slow rpm or stop)
TEMP normal – Green; over 55°C – Red
LED Display (Tray) FAN normal – Green; fail – Red (too slow rpm or stop)
TEMP normal – Green; over 55°C – Red
Host/Device Interfaces 1x mini SAS SFF-8088
Cooling 3x Modulars 75 x 75 x 28 mm blowers
Operating Environment Temperature: 0o C to 50o C
Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
Warranty Desktop HDD bundle - Three year manufacture limited warranty
Enterprise HDD bundle - Five years manufacture limited warranty
Power Supply 650W RAID mini-Redundant (Optional)
Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz
Output: +5V and +12V DC
Dimensions 55.9(D) x 48.2(W) x 13.1(H) cm

RM16-ER5 Support Community
Manual, Driver, etc

3U 16x SATA 6Gb/s RAID / JBOD scalable up to forty drives for Mac, Windows and Linux controller included