When ever a HDD is removed from a mirror volume (raid 1) due to swap for remote back up, archive or replace a bad hard drives. RAID 1 (mirror) is no longer protect, until the rebuilding process is done, under rebuild condition, the reliability of the system is in critical condition, because there is NO MORE redundant on the existing RAID volume We did create a RAID 6 with double redundancy and improve the reliably raid volume so the critical condition would be minimized, Why can we have dual redundant raid 1 (mirror) volume?!. At DATOptic with same concept we introduce 3WRAID1, the ONLY mirror volume (raid 1) offers a DUAL hard drives redundancy a MIRROR raid that still protect even it's in rebuild mode - A system would not be under critical condition if:
  • A hard drive failed, there will be ONE redundant hard drive left in the 3WRAID1
  • A HDD is swapped for remote back up and system is rebuilding. The system still protected becasue there is still a redundant in the raid