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Read Only | Write Block

Here is the catalog of READ ONLY | Write Block bridges

  1. FireWire400/800 Bridge Board to Four IDE HDD featuring Initio chipset

    DAT Optic Inc. introduces the 1394b-4IDE - a FireWire 800/400 bridge board supporting FOUR ATA/ATAPI ... Learn More
  2. USB3.0 to SATA3 (6Gb) Bridge Board Direct connect

    Read existing data on SATA drive at USB3.0 speed (5.0Gb) with Write Block device. A perfect device f ... Learn More
  3. USB3.0 to SATA3 (6Gb) Write-Block Bridge Board panel-mount

    READ ONLY (Write block) ANY existing SATA drive with our new USB3.0 device at (5.0Gb) SuperSpeed US ... Learn More