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12Gb/s SAS RAID / JBoD

12Gb SAS 3 3 years warranty RAID controller cards, JBOD enclosures with SAS 3 (12Gb) expander, or direct connect ot 12Gb/s backplane in JBOB and/or RAID controller cards, HBAs and 12Gs SAS adapters are here. Please come back often as our product listing grow.

The next generation SAS standard SAS 3.0 is here, offering 12Gb/s per lane, doubling the previous standard transfer speed. A standard 4-lane SAS cable/connector now has 4.8B/sec bandwidth as opposed to 2400MB/sec with SAS 2.0 (6Gb/s). Thank to this wider bandwidth, this gives your servers, work stations better performance in enclosures with a large number of disks even you are using 6Gb/s drives.

30% performance increase from using a 12Gb expander chassis and 12Gb card, while using the same 6Gb drives,
where over 4000MB/s+ can be realize with SSD drives

SAS / SATA chassis daisy-chain is no longer being bottleneck because of lower bandwidth of SAS 2 (6Gb/s). Sequential/Random transfer rates will most benefit from increased bandwidth especially SSDs drives. Read and Write performance will be reach a new high

All our 12Gb/s SAS products are compatible with 6Gb/s SAS and SATA, as well as 3Gb/s SAS and SATA. Here are our selection of 12Gb SAS 3 Expander Enclosures, RAID controller cards, cables and adapters. Consider us for all your 12G storage needs. Our enclosures have a three year warranty and are backed with lifetime free technical support. If you have any questions feel free to call us @ (866) 982 3658, Live Chat us or email us!

  1. Dual SFF-8643 to SFF-8644 12Gbps Mini-SAS HD 8-Ports panel mount

    The 12SAe-12SAi a 12Gb eight (8) channels SAS chassis adapter has Dual (2x) internal female H ... Learn More
  2. Areca ARC-1883 Series 8 Port 12Gb/s SAS RAID Controller

    As low as: $639.95

    The new third generation ARC-1883 family offers advanced technology for increased performance and im ... Learn More
  3. 12Gb 4U twenty four (24) hot swap bay with 12Gb SAS Expander rack chassis

    As low as: $2,299.95

    RM24-S12, a twenty four (24) bay SAS/SATA (12Gb) expander in 4U Rack mount with Redundant PSU ... Learn More