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NAS| iSCSI | SAN 3U - sixteen (16) bay SAS/SATA 6Gb scale-able enterprise level

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Dual 10GbE NAS | SAN | iSCSI 3U rack mount 16x bay RAID6 Scale-able

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RM16-USS is a Dual 10GbE powerful, intuitive browser-based network storage distribution center. RM16-USS delivers block/file-based iSCSI storage and file level NAS server in 3U rack mount 16x SAS/SATA drive chassis via dual 10Gb ports, with scale-able storage system that expands up to 128 drives (additional JBoD SAS chassis required). RM16_USS is the first Dual 10GbE SAN-iSCSI / NAS system that offers cost effectiveness and simplicity of an enterp

Availability: In stock

SKU: RM16-USS 3U Unified Storage Server - NAS/SAN/iSCSI Enterprise server, dual 10Gb   +$6,995.00

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RM16-USS - Key Features
  • 16x SAS/SATA drives in 3U rack mount feature SAN and/or NAS in one system - expandable to 128 HDDs
  • Intel Dual Core I/O Processor for RAID engine support RAID 3 | 5 | 6 | 10 | 50 | 60 with hot spare
  • Dual (2x) 10GbE with port option: RJ45 / CX4 / SFP+ Direct Attached Twin Axial
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) through consolidation of network resources
  • Protects existing infrastructure investment while positioning for future technologies
  • Manages your infrastructure with greater flexibility and scalability
  • Unifies management framework for consolidated and virtualized resources

Introducing the latest high performance Data Center, DATOptic's RM16-USS. It is a turn-key sixteen (16) bay SAS/SATA (6Gb/s back plane) hardware RAID bandwidth (PCIe V2 x8 @ 40Gb), dual core I/O processor raid system in 4U rack mount with full functions as SAN (iSCSI) and NAS, coupling with Dual 10Gb Ethernet adapter to greater enhance transfer data rate.

RM16-USS System Storage is designed to be the premier platform for consolidation of your data center for connectivity of block and file server (SAN-iSCSI/NAS), providing high performance and high availability data networking. It provides a new level of performance with industry-leading dual 10GbE as CX4, Twin-Ax or RJ45. It is also an open end system that allows the storage of connectivity to grow as required.

The RM16-USS is designed to serve as the Data Center that is scaleable up to 128 HDDs and fully supports on-line expand, on-line RAID level migrate, auto rebuild, high availability, and reliable multiple volumes all into a unified, high-performance data center fabric connecting applications with their data and virtual servers with virtual storage.
An enterprise NAS/iSCSI, our RM16-USS, without the enterprise price tag, supports volume-based partitioning, iSCSI (target and initiator), scheduled snapshots, resource quota, and a single unified interface for share management which makes allocating shares for various network file-system protocols a breeze.

Features Currently Available (unless indicated otherwise) in our RM16-USS

Powerful Block Storage Virtualization
- Full iSCSI target support, with support for virtual iSCSI targets for optimal division of storage
- Extensive volume and physical storage management support
- Support for large block devices
- Support for multiple volume groups for optimal storage allocation
- Online volume size and overlying file system expansion
- Point-in-time snapshots support with scheduling
- Volume usage reporting
- Synchronous/asynchronous volume migration & replication (manual setup necessary currently)
- iSCSI initiator (manual setup necessary currently)

Extensive Share Management
- Support for multiple shares per volume
- Multi-level share directory tree
- Multi-group based access control on a per-share basis
- Multi-host/network based access control on a per-share basis
- Per-share service activation (NFS, SMB/CIFS, HTTP/WebDAV, FTP with read/write controls)
- Support for auto-created SMB home directories
- Support for SMB/CIFS "shadow copy" feature for snapshot volumes
- Support for public/guest shares
- Accounts management
- Authentication using Pluggable Authentication Modules, configured from the web-interface
- NIS, LDAP, Hesiod, Active Directory (native and mixed modes), NT4 domain controller
- Guest/public account support

Quota/Resource Allocation
- Per-volume group-quota management for space and files
- Per-volume user-quota management for space and files
- Per-volume guest-quota management for space and files
- User and group templates support for quota allocation

Other Features
- Dual Core RAID on Chip 800MHz support RAID0/1/10/3/5/6/30/50/60, with Hot Spare, multiple Raid volume and expandable
- Highest RAID Engine Bandwidth support PCI Express GEN 3 (8Gb/s per lane) 8x lanes @ 64Gb/s
- Built-in SSH client Java applet
- Support standard protocol for: Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC, SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTPS, NFS v2, v3, iSCSI, Rsync, WebDAV and HTTP 1.1
- Linux distribution back-end for any other customization
- Volume scrubbing to maintain data integrity via manual or schedule
- Rack mount rail included

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Part Number RM16-USS
Dual 10GbE NAS | SAN | iSCSI 3U rack mount 16x bay RAID6 Scaleable
Physical Mount Space 3U rack mount 16x SAS/SATAwith 6Gb/s back plane
Operating System Linux specific
Support RAID RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 50 and 60 with hot-spare using Dual Core Intel I/O Processor
Sclaleble up to 128 drives (external RM16 chassis required)
Online expansion
Processor INTEL® Processor
Motherboard INTEL®, Workstation Class
Cache Memory DDRIII PC3200, 8GB installed
Configured RAID RAID Level 5/6 - migrate-able
Online Expandable
Support Network Clients VMware ESX 3.5, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OS 8.0, 9.0, X, 10.4, 10.5.x
Drive Interface SAS or SATA Drive
Up to 16 drives
Optional: up to 128 Drives (SAS JBD chassis required)  

IO ports

2x RJ45,
1x VGA and DVI
1x SFF-8088 for expansion
1x Four RJ45 (option) 1x Eight RJ-45(option) 1x Dual 10Gb Twin-Ax (option)
Chassis RM16-USS - 3U Rack mount with 1150W 2+1 Redundant PSU
Dimensions RM16-USS 19 x 5.25 x 27 in (W x H x D )
Power Input 90-250VAC @ 50-60Hz 1150W redudant PSU
Operating Temperature +0o C to +40o C
Humidity 10-80%, non-condensing
Weight 36.0lbs
Warranty Three year manufacture limited warranty
Populated HDD - Three or Five years manufacture limited warranty
Power Supply 650W RAID mini-Redundant (3 modules)
Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz
Package Contents RM16-USS rack mount
Manual, Driver, etc

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Dual 10GbE NAS | SAN | iSCSI 3U rack mount 16x bay RAID6 Scale-able