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Stand Alone RAID/JBoD support MAC, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux - sBOX

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eSATA, USB3.0 Hardware RAID support MAC, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux

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The DAT Optic sBOX-eSU3 is NEW and IMPROVED! It is a high performance five SATA drives drivers-less hardware RAID enclosure configurable as RAID level 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, span, clone and JBoD modes.
Support multiple RAID volumes, hot spare, email notification, hot plug to eSATA | USB3.0/2.0 and is compatible with MAC, Windows, FreeBSD, Unix, Linux and Novell OS.

Availability: In stock

SKU: sBOX-eSU3 Hardware RAID | JBoD enclosure with eSATA | USB3.0 for MAC/Win/Linux   +$399.00

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sBOX-eSU3 - Key Features
  • Quiet, external RAID/JBoD five SATAI, II, III drives in tray-less enclosure
  • RAID stand-by from 00:01 to 03:00 time-out to save energy and increase MTBF NEW feature
  • Supports RAID/JBoD driver-less in MAC, Windows, Linux with hot spare capable
  • Supports RAID levels: 0 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / JBoD /BIG (SPAN) CLONE and hot spare
  • Very fast: RAID five up to 265MB/sec Read or Write
  • Supports eSATA | USB3.0/USB2.0 in hot plug fashion
  • Built-in high performance RAID storage processor, PROM and SRAM for RAID engine
  • No HDD size limitation, due to 48bit LBA
  • Staggered drive spin up - Hard Disk (Activity/Failed) LED chassis function
  • Email Notification of system, HDD S.M.A.R.T status
  • Automatic detect drive to rebuild degraded RAID
  • S.M.A.R.T array monitoring for hard drive status and reliability

As storage capacity requirements increase, using data storage without drive fault tolerance implemented increases the potential of lost data, down time and lost revenue. With our sBOX-eSU3, a highly reliable protected hardware RAID/1/3/5/10 level system, if a HDD fails and a new HDD is inserted, or a hot spare is available, the built-in RAID engine will be able to reconstruct the BAD drive, while in service, so the data stays intact!

DAT Optic introduces the first hardware five drives RAID system, offering a cost-effective, highly reliable and fast data transfer rate RAID/JBoD solution. In a quiet over-kill 300W power supply tower coupling five SATAI, II, III tray-less bays featuring DirectAirtm technology with select-able host: eSATA | USB3.0/2.0. sBOX-eSU3 is a must have solution for applications that need FAST, HIGHLY RELIABLE, SILENT and easy to manage storage.

Support TrueCrypt
For sensitive data, now end users can encrypt their entire file volume with our sBOX-eSU3 +TrueCrypt. Our sBOX-eSU3 has been tested with TrueCrypt in Linux, MAC and Windows. sBOX-eSU3 transfers over 200MB/sec with encrypted files, thanks to embedded I/O processor in our controller to minimize usage of host CPU.

To use TrueCrypt in MAC. Windows and Linux please click here
High Performance and Easy to Use
sBOX-eSU3 provides unparalleled reliability and ease of use of protected data for users, who demand high transfer rate performance at a fraction of the cost and without technical jargon.

The screen capture images below show how well the sBOX-eSU3 is able to handle a real life scenario.

 RAID5 enclosure eSATA host - sBOXR_eSU3 in MAC Pro speed test in AjA Kona

Machine: Apple Mac Pro
sBOXR-eSU3 + eSATA-PCIe8 (JBoD mode)
5x SATA II 7200.10 1.00GB HDD (Seagate AS) configured as RAID5

 RAID5 enclosure eSATA host - sBOR MAC Pro speed test in Black Magic

Machine: Apple Mac Pro
sBOXR-eSU3 + eSATA-PCIe8 (JBoD mode)
5x SATA II 7200.10 1.5GB HDD (Seagate AS) configured as RAID5

Here is the test result in Windows environment.

eBOX-R5 test speed under Windows OS

Machine: Window Vista - Duo Core 2.53GHz, 2.0GB DDR2, Vista 32
sBOX-eSU3 + eSATA-PCIe8 (JBoD mode)
5x SATA II 7200.10 1.00GB HDD (Seagate AS) configured as RAID5

Easy RAID Management
sBOX-eSU3 system RAID management can be accessed in multiple ways:

  • Hardware EZ set up within 30 secs
    sBOXR Control Panel

    Install HDD into slots
    Turn a dial to the desired function: RAID1. 10. 5... (in the back of enclosure)
    Press and hold change mode switch while turning on the power
    When you hear a beep, release the change mode switch
    Now you just created an array, initialized and formatted the RAID
  • RAID set up and management can be accessed via RAID GUI. This method allows both local and remote control, configuration, and monitoring of RAID status.


    Monitor and Report
    Unlike other RAID systems in the market, sBOX-eSU3 fully supports email notifications and S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.

    Here is the report of a HDD based on S.M.A.R.T. These features also can be accessed with the use of its LCD display.

    RAID GUI reports S.M.A.R.T

    With RAID GUI, end users can specify an event, a warning, or a notification to be sent via specific email. Here is the email configuration screen:

    eBOX-R5 Email notification

    DirectAirtm forcing air directly into the hard drive keeps their temperature close to ambient, often resulting close to 100% of heat dissipation being removed, and keeping the hard drive cool, not only increasing HDDs' stability, but their efficiency as well.

    MR105 tray-less with DirectAir technology

    Designed for the Studio and Home Office
    Ultra-quiet - DirectAirtm technology removes heat a lot more efficiently then conventional convection, therefore the fan does not does have to spin in high rpm, making the sBOX-eSU3 THE choice for editing and recording video/audio studios who can not allow the addition of any noise within the critical creative listening environment.

    Tray-less = Time and Money Saved
    With the new patent connector, end users can use the hard disk like compact discs or floppy disks. There is no tool or hard drive tray required, just the hard drive itself. It saves time and money and prolongs SATA HDDs due to NO SCRATCH connections.


    Click "Next" to see Patterned New and Improved SATA connection.

    For OEM or bulk quantity pricing, please contact


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Part Number sBOX-eSU3
Five Tray-less SATA RAID/JBoD Enclosure with eSATA and USB3.0 Interface
Physical Mount Space Up to five (5) SATA I, II, III drives
No Hard drives size limitation, due to 48Bit LBA (capable address up to 1.2PT)
Operating System Any OS Mac, Windows, FreeNAS, Linux...
RAID Features Support JBoD and RAID function
No drivers for RAID or JBOD in both USB and eSATA
Drive Interface SATA I / II / III up to five (5) drives
Cooling Direct Air scheme with Temperature Sensing allowing 24/7 operation
Operating Temperature 0 oC to 50 oC
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 28 cm x 18. cm x 33 cm (11" x 7" x 13") (H X W X D)
Connectors 2x Universal AC Plug
1x Power connector
1x On/Off switch
1x eSATA and 1x USB3.0
Power Supply 115-230VAC 50/60Hz; switch-able 320W Output Power
Weight 16.0lbs - 7.25Kg

eSATA, USB3.0 Hardware RAID support MAC, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux