SATA to Five SATA Port Multiplier Bridge

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Quick Overview

SPM3726-I is a SATA to five (5) SATA Port Multiplier designed to provide a high performance link between a single SATA PM host port to five (5) SATA devices including HDD and CD/DVD/BD devices.
SATA to SATA Port Multiplier SiI-3726 -  SPM3726-SI
SPM3726-I: eSATA to Five SATA Port Multiplier - Key Features
  • 1-to-5 SATA Port Multiplier
  • Full support for FIS-based switching and command-based switching SATA host controllers
  • Supports host and device link rates of 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps with auto-negotiation
  • Supports host control of hard disk drive staggered spin-up
  • All ports support hot plug and extended (48 bit LBA) drive capabilities
  • ATAPI support
  • Features independent 8 KByte FIFO per Device Serial ATA channel for reads and writes
  • Include post and device status and activity LEDs
  • Coupling with eSATA_PCIe8, eSATA_PCIe21, eSATA_PCIX to support RAID Functions (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, Concatenated and JBoD)

With its unique data aggregation capability and 3Gbps serial link capability, the SPM3726-I is able to take full advantage of 3Gbps host link bandwidth and FIS-based switching host controllers by bundling together data from device ports and sending it over the 3Gbps host link. Additionally, the feature-rich SPM3726-I supports all the port multiplier related SATA II extensions allowing system designers to exploit the full potential of SATA in their storage solutions.

The SPM3726-I supports host and device link rates of 1.5Gbps and 3Gbps with auto-negotiation allowing system designers to utilize 3Gbps host links with today's 1.5Gbps hard drives, and to future proof designs for the emergence of 3Gbps SATA hard drives. Additionally, the SPM3726-I contains a SATA enclosure management bridge (SEMB) to pass in-band enclosure management information between the host and an enclosure management device. Other important features include: programmable high drive capability for backplane and external applications, asynchronous notification to eliminate the need for host polling to determine if a device has been added or removed, and hot plug support.

Coupling with proper host controllers such as Silicon Image SiI3124, SiI3132 and Marvell 88SE6145, SPM3726 - SATA II port multiplier, a high reliable and extremely fast variety of storage applications (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, Concatenated and JBoD).

SPM3726-I delivers the performance and connectivity required for servers and I/O demanding applications such as CD-ROM servers, Video-On-Demand (digital content and high-definition video), database servers, workstations, high-end desktops, software RAID sub systems, and image systems.

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Part Number SPM3726-I
SATA II - 3Gbps 1-To-5 Port Multiplier Bridge Board
Output Port FIVE SATA I, II, III hard drives, Optical drives
Supports ANY HDD size, including HDD greater than 2.0TB
Input Port eSATA
Input Interface One eSATA
Chipset Silicon Image 3726 - SATALink SATA II Port Multiplier
Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 8.33cm(W) x 2.15cm(H) x 67.9cm(D)
Connectors 1x eSATA 5x SATA L type 4-pin power connector x 1 10 pin LED indicators
Power Requirement 5V/DC; 130mA ~ 200mA
No driver needed - just plug and play
Manual - User Installation Reference