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SATA III 6Gbps driver-less RAID to Dual SATA IlI (6Gb/s) RAID Bridge Board - direct attached

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RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data)

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A driverless SATAIII 6Gbps controller with embedded RAID engine of RAID0/1 or JBoD support dual SATA III / SSD HDD, it is indiscriminate of system OS platform.
Driverless ==> easy to use
SATAIII (6Gb) RAID1 ==> best for SAFE and FAST SSD BOOT drive solution (retain data)
SATAIII (6Gb) RAID0 ==> best for speed BOOT drive solution - 500M+B/s

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S3-DS3RA - Key Features
  • Provides 4 hardware modes:
  • RAID 0 (Striping): for two disks with same capacity
  • RAID 1 (Mirroring): for two disks with same capacity - caoable of retain data from an existing hard drive
  • JBoD (Spanning): for two disks with different capacity
  • Normal (Dual Lun): Non-RAID - SATA host must support Port Multiplier
  • Support SATA I, II, III HDD SSD and even ODD in JBoD mode
  • Boot-able in ANY OS due to driver-less feature
  • Support ANY size of HDD up to 64TB, due to 48bit LBA address
S3-DS3RA an internal RAID0/1 solution with 6Gbps bandwidth. S3-DS3RA integrates three high-speed SATA III, a microprocessor, SRAM, PROM and other control logic into the a simple, easy, and driver -less RAID for boot drives in Mac, Windows and/or Linux

DIY RAID0/1 can not be easier than this! You can have a RAID0/1 (retain data mirror) volume @ 6Gb/s bandwidth and completely independent from your system OS, hardware RAID features, fully compatible with MAC, Windows, Linux or ANY OS that supports SATAI, II and III. Here is how:

To configure the raid with existing data. There are TWO ways - hardware OR Software GUI

Hardware without suing RAID GUI
- Connect ONLY HDD with data to the controller and connect the Host port to system SATA host port
- Set the jumper to RAID1 (mirror) - pin 3-4
- Power ON the controller, wait for 15 seconds
- Press and hold SW1 for at least 3 seconds
- The connected HDD now is RAID1 member
- Connect the blank HDD to D port of controller ( remember connect the power to this drive)
- Power on the system - your RAID should be rebuild in seconds and your data also accessible
Using GUI for Mac and Windows OS download here:

To use this mode, there should be a jumper between 5-6 pins Mac OS:
Windows OS:
- Connect ONLY HDD with data to the controller and connect the Host port to system SATA host port
- Run the RAID GUI, create RAID mirror with the GUI
- Hot connect the blank HDD to the controller, RAID will rebuild in seconds, while it rebuild your data still accessible
Note: recommend to use our MR105F (trayless HDD) - for easy remove HDD as back up, archive...

Users of the S3-DS3RA can eliminate host CPU resource loading by using S3-DS3RA

S3-DS3RA allows two SATAI, II or III drives to be configured as reliable data mirroring, data performance striping, or just plain capacity expansion, that connect to host @ 6Gbps

With an LED wire - See Option, use can easily detect the BAD drive or simple login download-able in RAID GUI in support tab

LED indication pins of the RAID status

  • Mirroring (RAID 1) — allows SATA hard drives to automatically copy primary hard drive without any CPU loading (typical 1% CPU resource). Our U3-DS3RA provides automatic rebuild on SATA hard drive replacement and auto-failover to eliminate any workflow interruptions.
  • Stripping (RAID 0) — allows the SATA hard drives to performance stripe, to provide maximum throughput to the directly attached PC/Server.
  • Spanning — allows SATA hard drives (same or different sizes) to appear as one large drive to the host, for extra capacity (also called concatenation).
  • Dual Drive Mode — allows the SATA hard drives attached to PC/Server to see two drives.
SSD transfer speed

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Part Number S3-DS3RA
Dual SATA I, II or III Drive RAID0/1/BID or JBoD to SATAIII host
Hard Drive Port 1x 7+15 direct SATA connect = 1x device and 1x host L type connectors
Form Factor Direct connect to SSD or 2.5/3.5 HDD
Host Connection Ports SATA 6.0Gbps
Chipset AsMedai 1092 Dual SATAIII Drive RAID chipset
Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 2(D) x 3(W) x 1(H)
Connectors 1x eSATA
2x SATA L type
4-pin power connector x 1
SATA drives, Act and Link LED pins
Rotary switch to configure RAID mode
One button back up pins
Power Requirement 5V and 12VDC with Floppy connector
Package Contents S3-DS3RA bridge board

RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data)