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5x SATAIII drive JBoD wihttray-less, driver less in Thunderbolt - sBOX-TJ

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Thunderbolt | eSATA (6Gb) JBoD 5x SATAIII enclosure for MAC, Windows (TB adapter)

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DAT Optic introduces the FIRST 5x bay SATAIII - 6Gb - driverless, trayless JBoD (five individual drives) in Thunderbolt and or eSATA 6Gb Connect to Thunderbolt | eSATA, in seconds, five SATA III - 6Gb - hot-swap-able drives are ready to use. Support MAC and Windows 8.1 Tested with MAC Pro 2013 - 10.9.x

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sBOX-TJ - Key Features
  • Hot swap-able JBoD five tray-less SATAIII drives - compatible with SATAII and SATAI
  • 48-bit LBA technology disk drives can access 2.0TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and beyond
  • Supports JBoD - five individual SATAIII drives in Thunderbolt with optional eSATA connectivity
  • 240% over-rate of mobile rack fan - more than double the fan life
  • SATA HDD now can swap in and out like floppy disc
  • No drivers or software required, enclosure supports host hot plug
Our sBOX-TJtm offers FIVE (5) tray-less hot-swap SATAIII bays with direct air cooling technology, perfect for those demanding high reliability 24/7 and extremely fast 6.0Gbps storage solution.

sBOX-TJtm incorporates the latest advances in technology of Port Multiplier topology, SATAIII, and connected to high speed Thunderbolt adapter in a five Serial ATA (SATA) III - 6Gb - drive enclosure featuring DirectAirtm (patent pending) technology. It delivers unprecedented performance and ease of use across multiple platforms: Macintosh, Windows at 6.0Gbps transfer bandwidth.

Our sBOX-TJtm comes with Hot plug Thunderbolt connection and upgraded-able eSATA (6Gb) interfaceSB2.0 connections, The enclosure fully supports SATA III 6Gb/s with native (built-in) driver of MAC OS 10.7.x and higher. DirectAirtm
DirectAirtm forces air directly into hard drives, keeping their temperature close to ambient, often resulting close to 100% of heat dissipation being removed, and keeping the hard drive cool. This not only increases HDD stability, but their efficiency as well. This allows the sBOX-TJ to operate 24/7 without worry of thermal run-awa/over-heating and definitely prolongs the hard drive life expectancy.

MR105 tray-less with DirectAir technology
Available and ready to ship, our sBOX-TJ provides an essential solution and data rates to next-generation storage used in high-end applications, such as audio/video (A/V) editing. Our sBOX-TJ offers full SATAIII, Command based and FIS based switching.
When the host software alternates commands to the drives, the commands are able to overlap using the hardware queue and restructure the data back into meaningful packets. The concurrent access and restructuring enables the combined speed of both drives to use the full bandwidth of the 6Gbps SATA host bus.
The host controller must have a multi-level hardware queue and support FIS-based SATA switching., in order to utilize FIS based switch

Tray-less = Time and Money Saved
With the new patent connector, end users can use the hard disk like compact discs or floppy disks. There is no tool or hard drive tray required, just the hard drive itself. It saves time and money and prolongs SATA HDDs due to NO SCRATCH connections.


Click Next to see Patterned New and Improved SATA connection.

PSU Over Ratedtm
Many enclosures fail due the PSU (power supply unit) being too close, not providing much of a buffer or safety net margin. But not with DAT Optic's sBOX-TJ, we use a hefty 320W PSU to insure the reliability of our enclosure. It is 120% over rated for the total power required by our sBOX-TJ's total power consumption.

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Customer Reviews

I can’t believe how quietly it operates Review by Jeffrey Jackson
I am very happy with the Thunderbolt 5x drive enclosure I purchased from you. It was exactly what I needed and I can’t believe how quietly it operates. Thank you for offering such a uniquely equipped product at such an affordable price. Regards, (Posted on 10/26/2014)
best for the price and does what it's needed ... Review by MatzeHali
Pros: Good price to use ratio. 5 slots which are hot swappable to either use with different drives or utilise for a ZFS-pool which might need to get drives swapped. Hot swap mechanism is built well and works flawlessly. ZFS-speed is fastest I have with any 4-drive pool in a thunderbolt enclosure. Daisy-chaining works flawlessly, having put it in between and after various other enclosures and TB-devices. It's not very noisy for a 5-drive enclosure. It does need to be cleaned of dust here and then. Since every drive has it's own fan, directly under the drive is a place which collects the dust. But easily cleaned. Cons: It's a bit long. You need to have depth where you put it, especially since you might need to add 8cm of cable plus plug for an optical Thunderbolt cable, where the plugs are very long and you have to be a little careful with the cable not to bend it. This is easier with other enclosures in the same space. It sometimes behaves strange if you don't use the top slot (Slot 01). (This is actually the reason I had to contact support, because drives didn't show up, etc. They looked at it in a remote session, very supportive and professional. If you just always use the top slot, no issues!) Sometimes it takes a little time to show a drive, up to 15 seconds, which is a little spooky. But in the end it works. You just have to be patient. Last three points add up to a star less, otherwise it would have been a 5! If you have enough space and you know that you need to utilise Slot01, it's a getter! (Posted on 8/21/2014)

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Part Number sBOX-TJ
Tray-less SATA I/II JBoD Enclosure Thunderbolt with eSATA optional
Physical Mount Space Up to five (5) SATA I/II/III drives, supports 2.0TB and greater HDDs
Operating System Any OS support Thunderbolt
eSATA host support Port Multiplier [option]
Drive Interface SATA I / II / III up to five (5) drives
Cooling Direct Air scheme to prolong HDD life cycle for 24/7 operation
Operating Temperature 0 oC to 50 oC
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions (H X W X D) 28.0 cm x 17.8 cm x 33.0 cm (11" x 7" x 13.0")
Connectors 5x tray-less SATAIII interface
Thunderbolt and [eSATA 6Gb/s as Option]
Power Supply 115-230VAC 50/60Hz; switch-able 320W Output Power
Weight 16.0lbs - 7.25Kg

Q Why when connect sBOX-TJ to Thunderbolt Bolt port in my MAC. I only see ONE drive?
A MAC's Thunderbolt supports our sBOX-TJ in JBoD. If you are experiencing problems with this function, please make sure that your OS is up to date and use the latest version of the EFI firmware.
For more details about EFI firmware updates, please see
If not all slots or ports are occupied, always connect a drive to the first slot

Manual, Driver, etc

sBOX Series Overview Rev1

sBOX-TJ Windows Drivers

Thunderbolt | eSATA (6Gb) JBoD 5x SATAIII enclosure for MAC, Windows (TB adapter)