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T12-S6.TB2 - 12x bay 6Gb SATA Thunderbolt2 20Gb raid quiet tower

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Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb) dual ports Twelve (12) tray-less SAS* | SATA (6Gb/s) Hardware RAID5/6 Quiet Tower

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Introducing DAT Optic's T12-S6.TB2, a turn-key Dual ports Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb/s) - with twelve (12) tray-less hot swap, non-scratching SATAIII (6Gb) bay/drive RAID system in a quite tower. Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 , 6, 10, 50, 60 and JBoD in Mac and Windows.
*Compatible with SAS HDD when SAS Option selected

Upgrade-able to Thunderbolt 3

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T12-S6.TB2 - Key Features
  • The ONLY thunderbolt 2 tower in the market offering upgrade-able to Thunderbolt 3
  • Dual (2) Thunderbolt 2 ports - the NEW thunderbolt interface 20Gb/s
  • No In Rush current, due to staggering HDD on with programmable timing - default is 0.7 sec.
  • Support SAS HDD with SAS Option selected
  • Support bootable from RAID storage volume
  • Supports HDD greater than 2TB SATAI, II, III HDD/SSD
  • Supports hardware RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 , 6, 10, 50, 60. JBoD and hot spare in Windows 7 and later |ac 10.8.x and later
  • Thunderbolt 2 (TB2) high performance I/O technology, simultaneous bi-directional, 40 Gbps transfers over a single cable
  • Array roaming - Move RAID to different system without rebuild
  • Supports RAID volumes schedule scrubbing, to ensure data integrity
  • Supports Multiple RAID Array volumes
  • Scale-able up to 256 HDDs, a Massive storage space up to Petra Byte (optional)
  • Online capacity expansion & RAID level migration simultaneously
  • Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuilding
  • Supports S.M.A.R.T, NCQ and OOB staggered spin-up capable drives
  • SMTP support for email notification
  • SNMP agent support for remote SNMP Manager

Introducing the latest Thunderbolt 2 (TB2 @ 20Gb) desktop series, DATOptic's T12-S6.TB2 is a turn-key twelve (12) bay SATA (6Gb) - SAS HDD support only with SAS Option - with JBoD/Raid system, ready to deploy in a quiet tower. It supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6,10/50/60/JBoD and hot spare based on world famous ARECA RAID engine coupling a powerful dedicate I/O storage processor and 1GB on-board DDR3-933 SDRAM with ECC protection

High Performance
With direct connect to system host via Thunderbolt 20Gb/s bidirectional high performance I/O, T12-S6.TB2 provides unparalleled, high reliability of data protection for users who demand enterprise class performance. T12-S6-TB2 not only provides a highly reliable sustained data rate of over 1200Mb/sec bandwidth, but a massive data storage space is a reality @ 48TB RAW space or expandable up to 128 drives via SAS option.

Here are the actual transfer rates in our lab.

Test Set up:
- New Mac Pro with Thunderbolt 2, OS X 10.9.x
- RM12-S6.TB2 loaded with 12x 4TB Seagate 7200.14 - Desktop RAID HDD

RAID 5 - Over 1005MB/s

T12_S6.TB2 set up at RAID5 transfer rate over 1000MB/s Speed AJA

T12_S6.TB2 set up at RAID5 transfer rate over 1000MB/s in Black Magic

Quietness - How quiet our tower - Here is our test

T12_S6.TB2 set up at RAID5 transfer rate over 1000MB/s Speed AJA

Easy RAID Management
T12-S6.TB2 utilizes built-in firmware with an embedded terminal emulation which can be accessed via hot key at BIOS booting screen (x86 platform) locally or remotely accessed via http proxy and/or IP address.

  • Hot key at BIOS boot-up screen. This pre-boot manager utility can be used to simplify the set up and management of the RAID configuration (PC x86 Platform).
  • RAID set up and management can be accessed via Web browser through the Http Proxy server functions in Mac OS and/or Windows. This method allows both local and remote control, configuration, and monitoring of RAID status.

Scale-able up to 128 Drives - SAS Upgrade Option
The T12-S6.TB RAID system supports daisy-chain to multiples T1216-S6 and/or RM24-S6E or ANY SAS JBoD chassis for a total of one hundred twenty eight (128) SAS/SATA or SSD drives can be connected. These SAS chassis daisy chain together via miniSAS cables and full support hot to expand the RAID from MASTER chassis - our T12-S6.TB2 system.

Monitor and Report
Unlike other RAID systems in the market, T12-S6.TB2 fully supports S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology, and email notification. Our T12-S6.TB2 can notify by email up to four email addresses on any predefined event, even just a daily report of the RAID itself. This certainly will take out the guess work and uncertainty of the storage RAID array.

Email Notification

For OEM or bulk quantity pricing, please contact

Customer Reviews

Ultimate quality on both product and service! Review by Chad Sparks
It's hard to put into words how impressed I am w/ both the product and the customer support I received on this. I called DATOptic, they answered on the first ring and the very friendly tech guru Sam answered. I discussed at great length w/ him my plans and needs and he gave me all kinds of expert advice on what I should do and how I should do it. Being an expert on all things hardware RAID, these guys REALLY know their stuff! He mentioned if I bought it, after it arrived, I could call again and he would TeamViewer peak into my system and help me set it up. A few short days later, sure enough, I call, Sam again answers right away, even remembers me, shows me how to setup TeamViewer real quick (took less than a minute before he was connected) and off he went, testing, showing me all kinds of stuff, options, configurations, etc. Even setting up some examples, then undoing it. This guy was absolutely incredible! (Posted on 6/26/2016)
Work in JBOD or RAID. Review by Robert
Thanks a lot for that update about it being able to work in JBOD or RAID. I've been so "dense" about this because in the past all the drive subsystems I've used in the past - such as th e ones made by OtherWorld Computing Such as their. ThunderBay 4 which is a thunderbolt connected enclosure and allows arrays (BUT NOT SAS DRIVES! - and I understand that changes everything!) - but they've all been simply "insert the drive, format and use it ) - I hadn't' needed to load any drivers So in short - many thanks for helping me get up to speed to initially use this as a JBOD system and later I can start using it as a RAID. I'm out til later this afternoon but look forward to trying whenever you suggest when I return Thanks again for you super appreciated wonderfully responsive support! Best Robert (Posted on 6/9/2016)
If all products and support were this good... Review by B
Plain and simply put, this is the best customer service experience I have ever had. I was apprehensive at first given the PC, boxy look of the system. Seemed overly complicated and cumbersome. I can admit, I was totally wrong. Today I am a believer and have ordered two other DAT Optic products. Customer service went above and beyond, cell phones, emails, follow ups... Never experienced service like this from a tech company. The best part is, the product is just as good! Just when you thought it couldn't get better, its assembled and tested in the USA. Thank you DAT Optic! (Posted on 10/6/2014)
Fantastic Product and Even Better Service Review by U2GT
I purchased this unit in early 2014. It was shipped promptly and worked great. After some use, I discovered a minor issue. Sam and the support team jumped right on it and worked with me to identify the problem. It wasn't something they could fix remotely, so they shipped me a new unit. By this time, a newer version was available and they upgraded it. The new upgrade also had an issue because it was very new and not yet fully tested (I volunteered to test it). Again, Sam and the team worked with me over the phone to identify the issue. In the end, I have the BEST T-BOLT RAID-6 unit on the market! This unit is blazing fast! I'm getting over 1000MB/sec rates. This is not an inexpensive unit, but the support you get is truly personal. You won't get this support from any other vendor. Don't hesitate to order expensive products from DAT Optic. DAT Optic cares about their customers. They go out of their way to make sure you are 100% happy. They always return texts, emails and calls promptly and make the best products available. If you want quality and awesome service, then don't hesitate to buy from DAT Optic! Thank you Sam and team for all the great service. The tower is working perfectly! (Posted on 8/3/2014)

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You're reviewing: Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb) dual ports Twelve (12) tray-less SAS* | SATA (6Gb/s) Hardware RAID5/6 Quiet Tower

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Part Number T2-S6.TB2
Thunderbolt twelve (12) bay SAS | SATA (6Gb) and SSD bay RAID 0/1/3/5/6/10/50/60 with hot spare in quiet desktop
Physical Mount Space 12x Quiet tower 12x SAS/SATA/SSD
Operating System Mac OS 0.8.x and later | Windows 7 and later
Support RAID RAID 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 50 and 60 with hot-spare
Sclalable up to 128 drives
Multiple RAID volumes, hot-swap tray
Online expansion
LED Display (Tray) Green - Power on indicator
Blue - Busy (HDD Accessing) indicator
LED Display (Chassis) FAN normal – Green; fail – Red (too slow RPM or stopped)
TEMP normal – Green; over 55°C – Red
Host Interface 10Gb/s Thunderbolt simultaneous bi-directional
Cooling 3x Modular 75 x 75 x 28 mm Blowers
Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 16.0 (D) x 8.75 (W) x 17.0(H) in
Warranty Populated Entreprise HDD - Five years manufacture limited warranty
Populated Desktop HDD - Three years manufacture limited warranty
Power Supply 350W RAID edition Power supply
Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz
Redundant 1+1 (Optional)

Thunderbolt 2 (20Gb) dual ports Twelve (12) tray-less SAS* | SATA (6Gb/s) Hardware RAID5/6 Quiet Tower