USB 3.0 | ESATA 6Gb To Dual SATA III (6Gb) RAID Bridge Board Support RAID0/1/JBoD -  eS6U3-DS3R

USB 3.0 | eSATA 6Gb To Dual SATAIII (6Gb) RAID Bridge Board Support RAID0/1/JBoD

eSATA & USB3.0 hardware raid controller, drivers-less

eSATA And USB3.0 Host To 5x SATA Feature Hardware RAID/JBoD Controller

RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data) S3-DS3RA

RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data)

USB 3.0 | eSATA 6Gb To Dual SATAIII (6Gb) RAID Bridge Board Support RAID0/1/JBoD

eS6U3-DS3R is a dual (2) SATA III ports JBoD/RAID hardware raid with USB3.0 @ 5Gb/s and eSATA 6Gb/s host controller. It is designed to be a drivers-less RAID0/1 or Dual drives* controller, 100% hardware independent from OS (driver less) with multiple interfaces. This controller offers data protection, transfer aggregation, email notification, ease of use, no compatibility issues in various applications in MAC, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD...

Dual Host eSATA @ 6Gb and USB3.0 @ 5Gb driver-less offers a flexibility, fast and easy of use. This is a perfect solution for an non-techical personell to built an array that is completely universal to ANY operating system.
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eS6U3-DS3R - Key Features
  • Support Dual (2) SATA I, II, and III port hardware RAID controller, no drivers required
  • OS independent Hardware RAID with email notification
  • Supports RAID levels: 0 / 1 / SPAN and JBoD (Port Multiplier) - driers-less
  • RAID Manager GUI Utility to configure and monitor the status of the disks connected on RAID controller in MAC, Windows and Linux
  • Supports HDD greater than 2TB due tp 48bit LBA - address-able up to 64TB per port
  • Fast eSATA 6Gb/s and USB3.0 5Gb/s (compatible USB2.0) host connection regardless of operating system
  • Better bandwidth compare to PCIe V2 dual port - 6Gb vs 5Gb
  • External RAID solution

eS6U3-DS3R uses market-proven Multi-port Serial ATA PHY technology and a proprietary storage processor to provide very highly efficient, stand alone SATA RAID operations - driver less, no software installation required.

Easy configuration
With selected dip switch setting, eS6U3-DS3R can function as a pure port multiplier - Just a Bunch of Drive (JBoD*) - which provides TWO individual SATA drives expansion just like a SATA Hub, or a hardware RAID controller with performance booster at 6Gb/ or 5Gb USB3.0 and requires NO Driver to load. Fully support MAC, Windows, Linux, UNIX, FreeBSD...You can configure TWO drives as RAID0, RAID1, BIG (SPAN).

eS6U3-DS3R has a self-contained storage processor chip which completely frees up the host system CPU loading and whose SATA ports comply with SATA II specification, making it suitable for use in both internal systems and external storage applications where no technical knowledge is required.

To use RAID GUI - download able on Support tab of this page - you need to set SW#1 to OFF. Otherwise It controls by switches.
Meaning set the dip switches as desire RAID, press and hold SET switch with a paper clip or ball pen, turn on the power the controller will create a raid volume

With dual host eSATA and USB3.0, ourU3eS-RM controller can be easily integrated into a external storage box capable of hot plug to high speed host like eSATA and USB3.0 (5.0Gbps) which supports HDD greater than 2.0TB.

It is a better solution for a typical PCIe dual-port RAID. It has a 6Gb bandwidth compare to 5Gb PCIe (V2) x1 lane, it's a driver-less vs drivers needed of PCIe

For OEM or bulk quantity pricing, please contact

* Requires Port Multiplier Host like our eSATA card.

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Part Number eS6U3-DS3R
eSATA III (6Gb) / USB3.0 (5Gb) to two (2) SATA III port JBoD/Hardware RAID0/1/SPAN/BIG Controller
Peripherals Up to TWO (2) SATA (Serial ATA) III drives
Fully support all size HDD including 3 / 4/ 6/ and 8TB
48 bit LBA address - capable access up to 64TB per SATA port
Operating System Any OS with an eSATA 3Gb/6Gb or USB3.0 / USB2.0 port - No driver required
Device Interface SATA I, SATA II, SATA III, SSD
Host Interface eSATA 3Gb/s 6Gb/s and USB3.0 / USB2.0 port
Operating Temperature 0oC to 50oC
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 61.5(D) x 21.6(H) x 83.3(W)mm
Mount-able in SCSI cut out
Connectors eSATA connector x 1 (device)
USB3.0/2.0 connector x 1 (device)
SATA connector x 4 (host)
4-pin floppy power connector x 1
Power Requirement 5V/DC; 250ma ~ 500mA
Can I make a RAID 1 array with an existing drive with data and a blank drive and still retain the data from the first drive? I need something like the S3-DS3RA, but I also need Error LEDs for each drive to indicate which one has failed?
S3-DS3RA does not have all the LED built-in, but you use the LED wire option to have LED indication

Can this support 5TB drives?
Yes, it supports 48bit LBA, we tested with 4, 5, 6, 8TB HDD and it works