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Welcome to DATOptic support page and thank you for choosing us.

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    Here are collection of legacy drivers and software since 1998 - Free to use

    Recording Software Updates

    RecordNowMAX - Update to 4.5 version

    RecordNowMAX & Prassi Latest PX Engine Download

    DATOptic - RAMDisk Eval - Download

    Alcohol-120% - Multiple CD/DVD Drive recording Software (Eval) Download


    Nero - Nero 5.5

    Roxio/Adaptec - Easy CD Creator - Toast

    FREE Software RAID 0, 1 and 5 for Win2K/XP 
      - How to set up...Download 
      - Software RAID Download

    Improve Computer Performance 40% - Move temp file folder Move pagefile.sys file


    Latest Oxford Uploader Program for Windows
    Ver 3.06 / Ver 2.17 / Ver 2.16

    Latest Oxford Uploader Program for Mac
    MAC Ver 3.05 / MAC_intel V3.00 - MAC_Power 
    - FireWire Update Instruction Download 
    - 911 chipset firmware Version 4.00 Download 
    - 912 chipset firmware Version 1.02 Download 
    - 922 chipset firmware Version 1.07 Download 
    - 924 chipset firmware Version 1.02 Download 
    - 934 chipset firmware Version 090424 Download

    Initio FireWire uploader Program for Windows MAC 
    - Ini 2340 chipset firmware Version 2.41 Download

    MNAS-44 Software Upgrade: 
    - MNAS-44 Sofware Image Ver 1.7.1 Download 
    - MNAS-44 Sofware Image Ver 1.8.1 Download 
    - MNAS-44 Software Update Ver 1.8.1 Download 
    - MNAS-44 Software ALL_Version Download NAS Image and Update 
    - Software Upgrade Instruction Download


    Pioneer DVD Writer support page - Firmware, Manual... 
    - DAR-110/A10 Here 
    - DAR-109/A09 Here 
    - DAR-108/A08 Here 
    - DAR-107D Here

    eRAID and nRAID Firmware 
    - Version 1.38 Download 
    - Version 1.42 Download support over 2.0TB 
    - Firmware Upload instruction Download

    DVICO TViX Firmware: 
    - M4000PA/SA Download 
    - M4100SH Download 
    - M6500A Download

    DriversIf you can not find the driver you need here, please refer to its product page!

    Speedster Series 
    - Speedzter2.5 USB Drivers for PC Download 
    - Speedzter2.5 1394 for DOS Download 
    - Speedzter3 & 5 USB Drivers for PC&Mac Download

    USB2.0/FireWire Combo PCI Card Download

    USB-COM Download

    IUC - Int. USB Converter Drivers Download

    Win98SE - IEEE-1394 Update Download

    Apple FireWire Extension Download

    FusionHD Latest Software Download

      Other Important Drivers

    Intel Chipset INF file Download 
    - Intel® Application Accelerator Download

    VIA Chipset Drivers Download

    SIS Chipset Drivers Go here

    DigiREC Win2K and XP Drivers Download

    1394b Drivers Third Party - for PC Download

    WinXP 1394b Drivers - Slow transfer fix Download

    WinXP 1394b device disappear fix Download

    "Delayed Write Failed" in Windows XP fix Here

    SIGMAHDTV5USB Latest Software Download


    Speedzter Series 
    - Speedzter2.5 Manual Download 
    - Speedzter2 Manual Download 
    - Speedzter3 Manual Download 
    - Speedzter5 Manual Download

    Bridge boards and Converters 
    - USB2.0 Internal converter Download 
    - FireWire Internal Converter Download 
    - SATA Port Multiplier Reference Download


    FireWire Products 
    - 1394PCI-2 FireWire PCI Card 3 Port Download 
    - FireWire PCI Card 4 Port b>Download 
    - FireWire Enclosure Download 
    - 1394-IDE Bridge Board Download 
    - FireWire Internal Kit Download 
    - FireWire Internal Kit Important Note Download 
    - Dual FireWire Internal Kit Download 
    - Dual FireWire Internal Kit Important Note Download

    DigiREC Series 
    - DigiREC Manual Download 
    - DigiREC-HD Manual Download 
    - FusionHDTV5 USB Manual Download 
    - Sigmacom HDTVUSB Manual Download

    How to

    - Convert VHS to DVD with DigiREC Download 
    - Speedzter2 Manual Download 
    - Speedzter3 Manual Download 
    - Speedzter5 Manual Download
      - Squeeze Addition 40% Computer Performance - 
    Temp File Move pagefile.sys file