Twelve Serial ATA Bay in 4U Rackmount with eSATA Host Connection

Thunderbolt 2 Eight Bay 2U Rack Mount bay SATA | SAS (12 Gb/s) HW RAID Rails Included

Thunderbolt 2 Eight Bay 2U Rackmount SSD* | SATA | 12Gb SAS HW RAID, Rails Included

Twelve Serial ATA Bay in 4U Rackmount with eSATA Host Connection

Near-Line RAID Storage Cluster system supports TWELVE (12) Serial ATA Drive, which can be configured as RAID 1, RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 5+0, RAID 1+0 or JBoD in a 4U 12-Bay with built-in Port Multiplier and eSATA host interface.
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RM12-S2P - Key Features
  • Supports up to twelve 3.5" Serial ATA disk drives trays (just plug in your drives)
  • 4U rack height with 350W Universal AC input
  • Very cost effective near-line storage library
  • eSATA host interface - 3x 3.0Gbps bandwidth
  • Excellent cooling system ensures drives' reliability
  • Hot-swappable disk drive tray with special designed power-off and lock mechanism
  • Monitor and alarm notification for temperature and fans
  • Power supply, HDD mobile rack, backplane, all mounting screws for HDDs included
  • Support RAIDs via 0, 1, 3 or 5 thru host controller
  • Free RAID 5 for Windows 2000 and XP software

DAT Optic's RM12-S2P is a TWELVE (12) drives 4U rack mount enclosure with twelve (12) SATA 3.5" swap-able bay directly plug-in backplane, reducing the numbers of interconnection, thus increasing reliability of system. RM12-S2P is an easy-to-use and cost- effective twelve bay of 3.5" SATA Hot-swap-able hard disk drive storage system. The RM12-S2P (12) Twelve 3.5 in drive rackmount enclosure can be used as a huge mass storage device, delivering large amounts up to 6.0 Terabyte of expandable space.

Depending on Host controller, IT personnel can implement either hardware or/and software of any RAID configuration, RM12-S2P 12 SATA drive 4U rackmount can be configured as JBoD using standard partition, mirroring (RAID 1), striping (RAID 0) or any combination of Mirroring and Stripping RAID 1+0, even RAID 50. The RM12-S2P - twelve 12 drive 4U rackmount allows optimized performance and scaleable RAID solutions.

DAT Optic's RM12-S2P offers a perfect solution for large storage libraries, digital video & digital audio files, backups, and the flexibility to grow with your storage needs. Twelve (12) Terabyte can easily be achieved with TWO RM12-S2P units.

RM12-S2P is ideal for High Definition Non Linear Editing Storage system due to the incredible speed, or any application requiring 2480MB/sec READ, 150MB/sec WRITE performance. It is a common storage building block for current and future data storage needs, where performance and expandability is a must. RM12-S2P can be a near-line storage system intended for servers delivering large amounts of storage and applications which require excellent accessibility and serviceability. It is the answer for Home theater data storage, each unit could hold up to 750 hrs of High Definition TV program, or a library of 1000's DVD with 3.0Gbps per drive transfer rate capable of providing HDVideo on demand up to 100's stations.

For OEM or bulk quantity pricing, please contact sales@DATOptic.com.

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