1U 4bay with four (4) bay harware RAID with eSATA port (6Gb) feature driver -less


1U 4bay SAS/SATA 6Gb With Optional Mini SAS - SFF8088

1U 4bay SAS/SATA 6Gb With Optional Mini SAS - SFF8088

1U 4bay with four (4) bay JBOD with built-inport Multiplier singel eSATA port (6Gb)



DAT Optic is proud to introduce RM4-eSU3, the FIRST hardware RAID combo with eSATA and USB3.0 host connection. It offers fast data protection (RAID 3/5) with four hot swap bay in 1U rack mount storage solution. A perfect fit for near line back-up data or even home/small office and creative studio server storage with 3.0Gb (eSATA) or USB3.0 (5.0Gb) transfer rate and different RAID modes.

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1U 4bay with four (4) bay harware RAID with eSATA port (6Gb) feature driver -less

In stock



    RM4-eSU3 - Key Features

    • 1U rack mount external RAID hot swap four SATAs drive with USB3.0 and eSATA host connection
    • Raid stand-by from 00:01 to 03:00 time-out to save energy and increase MTBF
    • No driver need for MAC, Windows, Linux, hot plug capable
    • Create four SATA drive as raid levels: 0 / 1 / 3 / 5 / 10 / JBoD / SPAN(BIG) / CLONE within seconds
    • Very fast: RAID5 over 235MB/sec Read or Write
    • Built-in high performance propriety RAID storage processor, and Raid engine embeded
    • No HDD size limit, Raid volume greater than 2.0 TB drive
    • Staggered drive spin up - Hard Disk (Activity/Failed) LED chassis function
    • Email Notification of system status
    • Automatic detect drive to rebuild degraded RAID - rebuilt-rate 200GB/hr
    • S.M.A.R.T array monitoring for hard drive status and reliability

    Introducing RM4-eSU3, a 1U rack mount external/stand alone hardware Raid system. RM4-eSU3 is a hardware Raid 0/1/3/5/10/CLONE/SPAN(BIG) and JBoD* with USB3.0 and eSATA which offers transfer rates of 5Gb/s and 3.0Gb bandwidth. Due to hardware RAID features our Raid system does not requires drivers with any OS. It is a simple Plug and Play RAID system which eliminate CPU loading by using the embedded RISC storage processor.

    This storage processor completely frees up the host CPU and provides the enhanced RAID modes perfromance.

    Fast, Intelligent, and Flexible 
    RM4-eSU3 offers a turn key solution for the none technical and technical user alike, who needs reliable, fast and easy to setup RAID system including: JBoD*, RAID5, Raid5+1, Raid3, Raid1, Raid0 or clone mode with a push of a button and NO DRIVER needed for MAC, Windows 2000 and later or Linux.

    If there is a need for speed and massive storage, multiple units can be employed as RAID50. Our test lab with 4x units (hardware Raid RM5 series) runs as RAID50, a volumes of 32TB capable of transferring over 800MB/sec in sustain mode.

    Easy RAID management 
    RM4-eSU3 system RAID management can be accessed in multiple ways:

    • Dip switches
    • RAID set up and management can be accessed via Web GUI. This method allows both local and remote control, configuration, and monitoring of RAID status

      LCD Control Panel

    Monitor and Report 
    Unlike other RAID systems in the market, RM4-eSU3 fully supports S.M.A.R.T. Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology.

    S.M.A.R.T monitoring

    With little set up, our RM4-eSU3 will be able to send email notification to multiple email addresses. Just enter the SMTP, email addresses and notification type then the Raid system will send the email accordingly. Email notifications can be set up to allow variety of errors and sent various email addresses.

    raid5 email notification

    For OEM or bulk quantity pricing, please contact sales@DATOptic.com.

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    Manual, Drivers, Download-able Manual: Mac Drivers, Utility Windows Drivers, Utility Linux Drivers, Utility
    Part Number RM4-eSU3 
    Four hot swap SATA hardware RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, clone, span(big) or JBoD (PM ware)
    Hard Drive Tray Four SATA I, II, III hot swap bays 
    Host Connection Ports eSATA @ 3.0Gbps and USB3.0 @ 5.0Gbps
    RAID Engine Proprietary - RAID storage processor, four Drives
    Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
    Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    Dimensions 1U rack mount 15 in deep
    Connectors 1x eSATA 
    1x USB3.0 port 
    AC universal jack 
    4x SATA hot swap trays, Act and Link LED pins 
    Rotary switch to configure Raid mode
    Power Requirement AC 100~240V, 47~63Hz, 150W
    Package Content - 1x RM4_eSU3 Enclosure 
    - 1x USB 3.0 Cable 1.0m length 
    - 1x eSATA cable 1.0m length 
    - 1x Screws for HDD 
    - 1x CD-title (SteelVine Manager Utility ) 
    - 1x User's Guide
    Frequently Asked Questions Q: A: