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DATOptic is an awesome company that really stands behind their products. They make great, long-lasting and easy to use hardware and their customer support is fantastic! They have always been able to help me out with any problems and questions I may have whenever I have needed to give them a call, and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied. Their support has saved me a ton of headaches, and my company a lot of money. Thanks, DATOptic!
Andrew Cohn September 14, 2016
I'm writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the amazing product support I received from Sam and for the immense value and performance of DAT Optic solutions! Our new T16 enclosure, which Sam loaded with sixteen 6TB Toshiba drives is fast and reliable. We purchased a second T16 enclosure and moved our existing drives from our previous DAT Optics SAS RAID into it, and everything is working and FAST! Bravo to Sam and his team at DAT Optics for brilliant solutions that are affordable and professional.
Stephen May September 01, 2016
Thanks for the great customer service! talk soon, elaine
Elaine September 14, 2016
Just a quick thank you for your tech support. They answered right away, and discussed with me my many technical questions and gave such amazing advice. This before I ordered! Wow is all I can say. I am so happy now and feel secure in my purchase, and do to his solid advice I now will have a setup that I feel comfortable with for the next few years. Excited to finally receive the Thunderbolt 2, 12 bay hardware RAID system and get it all setup. You have just earned a lifetime customer! Chad Sparks Tulsa, OK.
Chad Sparks September 14, 2016
I just talked to one of your friendly help staff (horrible memory for names), sorry but he will know the Australian -Gary- who rang today about your USB3.0 to esata adapter support port multiplier) and I just wanted to let him know that it is working fine now with my Firmtek Serietek PM5 enclosure after his assistance in regards to the correct plug in procedure. I have not tried it in a raid situation as mine is JBOD, I wanted to use it mainly for general large file storage and file swaps. (with 3x 4TB and 2x 3TB hdd's). I am also placing a comment onto Amazon concerning this plug in procedure to assist others, not only those who are having problems, but for further sales of this product, as it is a very handy little gadget. Up till now I have been restricted to using a PCIe Addonics esata port multiplier in a limited number of PC's and it has frustrated me not being able to use it with other PC's, particularly with laptops. Can you let me know if this message has been passed on. Thank you and have a great day, Gary
the Australian -Gary June 07, 2016
I love your customer service. It’s the best.
Morris We have used your eSU3F8 and sBOX-eSUJ JBoD products for a number of years now and love them. We have had no problems with them at all and any time I have a technical question we always get to talk to someone in person and they walk us through any support issue we may have. I love your customer service. It’s the best.
David D. Morris June 07, 2016
Thanks very much again Sam !. Service was again exceptional and better than I've experienced anyplace else. Would definitely recommend DatOptic to anyone looking for quality products and excellent service--even when products might be beyond warranty period!
Steve June 07, 2016

Perfect solution. Had a Sans Digital TowerRaid with the crap eSata card that they provide. It failed miserably and often. Now I simply use the USB 3 connector on my PC instead, and everything is roses. I see all 5 drives in the TowerRaid, the data transfer speeds are comparable to eSata and it hasn't failed since I utilized it. The TowerRaid was failing at least 4 times a day prior to that.

Roy Dunn June 07, 2016
Thunderbolt 2 to New Mac Pro THAT WORKED PERFECTLY!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! You guys are the BEST and have earned my returning business! Chad
Chad June 07, 2016

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