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2018 Studio Smart Recordable PAX Karaoke Full System, 60.8K Songs and IP500 tower active speakers

2018 Studio Smart Recordable PAX Karaoke Full System, 60.8K Songs and Electro-Voice 12 inches active  speakers

Professional 2018 Karaoke Recordable PAX Karaoke + ITV Complete System with 61K Songs EV speakers

2018 Studio Smart Recordable PAX Karaoke Full System, 60.8K Songs and IP500 tower active speakers

UKS-S1 is our latest complete Smart Digital Karaoke Record-able System iOS and or Android App control. It has taken years to fine-tune this system for your listening and singing pleasure.

The system can be fully controlled via the included 8 inch HD tablet, and of course, add your iOS or Android OS devices. (up to 128 devices). This system comes with a Three Year Equipment Warranty!!

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Want a Karaoke system beautiful and sound great, which fits with your decor, PAX-IP500 is the one for you.

The system includes a 10" HD Android tablet, which can be used to fully control the entire system, as well as voice and or text song searching. 
This system includes recording capability of high quality 16-bit studio WAV files (studio quality) and allows for pitch change with incredible sound - no artificial sound nor distortion of audio. 

Here is the 58K SONGLIST (Vietnamese/English).


  • - One PAX Smart Karaoke and iTV with built-in SSM - Studio Sound Maximizer - an upscale audio enhancer to bring the highest sound quality to the end user - from the USA
  • - One Sennheiser E935 Wired Microphone - for the unbeatable professional sound from Germany
  • - Two Wireless UHF Diversity Wireless Microphone with Tone Lock squelch circuit to prevent feedback
  • - One 48bit 12 inputs Digital Mixer Access Point | WiFi | Ethernet controllable via included touchscreen HD tablet featuring Lexicon effect - from Germany
  • - Two TurbuSound IP500 Powered Tower Speakers - Design by German
  • - Pre-tune and Studio pre-load - Ready to Karaoke with BEST sound for the record
  • - Glass 24 in Speaker Stands
  • - Two XLR 25 Ft High-Performance cables



  • Easy to use and fully controlled through your smart device - includes HD Android tablet.
  • Worry-free - Featuring a Reset system back to manufacture settings with ONE touch
  • The digital mixer will work with any tablet device or computer.
  • Record-able high-quality audio files: have fun with recording everyone singing.
  • Pitch change with high end 48bit DPS gives it an incredible sound with minimal artificial effect.
  • The clean and crisp sound from the speakers will blow away any event or party.
  • Smooth and natural sounding microphones will make you sound like a pro!
  • Watch internet TV, stream videos in 4K (H.265), and listen to high fidelity audio.
  • KPro HD application lets you karaoke with ease and is controlled by your smart device.
  • Voice-activated keyboard song search: works in Vietnamese and English!!
  • Studio Sound Maximizer (SSM): Will give you the best audio on the market!
  • Extremely accurate and easy to use smart air mouse with keyboard.
  • Reliable and complete amplifier protection.
  • Lifetime Support - We will personally help you fine-tune your system
  • 3 Year Warranty - Any equipment failure will be covered for up to three years!

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Supports ANY HDD size, including HDD greater than 2.0TB
Host Port 5x SATAIII 6Gb
Device Port 1x SATAIII 6Gb
Chipset SoC - 6x SATAIII portsPort Multiplier
Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 8.33cm(W) x 2.15cm(H) x 67.9cm(D)
Connectors 1x SATAIII device 5x SATAIII host - connect to anyL type 4-pin power connector x 1 10 pin LED indicators
Power Requirement 5V/DC; 130mA ~ 200mA
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