2018 Studio Smart Recordable PAX Karaoke Full System, 60.8K Songs and Electro-Voice 12 inches active  speakers

Professional 2018 Karaoke Recordable PAX Karaoke + ITV Complete System with 61K Songs EV speakers

areca ARC-1264IL-16 PCI-Express 2.0 x8 Low Profile SATA III (6.0Gb/s) RAID Controller Card

2018 Studio Smart Recordable PAX Karaoke Full System, 60.8K Songs and IP500 tower active speakers

Professional 2018 Karaoke Recordable PAX Karaoke + ITV Complete System with 61K Songs EV speakers

PAX-EV2 is the 2018 - 2nd generation of our latest complete Smart Digital Karaoke Record-able System iOS and or Android App control, with world famous America designed speakers at 2000W

It has a collective of years experienced to fine tune this system for your listening and singing pleasure. Fully controlled via the included 10 inch HD tablet, and of course, addition iOS or Android OS devices. (up to 50 devices). 

Best of all this system comes with a Three Year Equipment Warranty!

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UKS-S1 is our latest complete Smart Digital Karaoke Record-able System iOS and or Android App control. It has taken years to fine tune this system for your listening and singing pleasure. The system can be fully controlled via the included 8 inch HD tablet, and of course additional your iOS or Android OS devices. (up to 128 devices). This system comes with a Three Year Equipment Warranty!!
mpney back guarrantee

The system includes a free HD Android tablet, which can be used to fully control the entire system, as well as voice-activated song searching. This includes recording high quality 16 bit studio WAV files (studio quality) and allows for pitch change with incredible sound - no artificial sound nor distortion of audio. 

Here is the song list of 61K songs: Vietnamese, English & Spanish PAX Karaoke

Vietnamese Song List

Vietnamese Update List -1st Quarter of 2017

Vietnamese Update List - 2nd Quarter of 2017

Vietnamese Update List -3rd Quarter of 2017

Vietnamese Update List -1st Quarter of 2018

Vietnamese Update List -2st Quarter of 2018

English & Spanish Songs


  • PAX Smart Karaoke and iTV with built-in SSM - Studio Sound Maximizer - an upscale audio enhancer to bring the highest sound quality to the end user - from the United State of America
  • One Sennheiser E935 Wired Microphone - for the unbeatable professional sound from Germany
  • Two Wireless UHF Diversity Wireless Microphone with Tone Lock squelch circuit to prevent feedback
  • 48bit 12 inputs Digital Mixer Access Point | WiFi | Ethernet controllable via included touchscreen HD tablet featuring Lexicon effect - from Germany
  • PAX Power Amplifier 1400W peak - tested, certified and built per PAX specification
  • American designed 1000W Speaker Set of two Electro-Voice - tested, certified and built per PAX specification
  • Pre-tune and Studio pre-load - Ready to Karaoke with BEST sound for the record
  • Preload Kodi - Ready to enjoy Chinese, Korean, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA... Video and or TV in the Vietnamese languagBeautiful
  • ul Glass Speaker stand - a lot more aattractive than a conventional tripod


  • Easy to use and fully controlled through your smart device - includes HD Android tablet.
  • Worry free - Featuring a Reset system back to manufacture settings with ONE touch
  • The digital mixer will work with any tablet device or computer.
  • Recordable high quality audio files: have fun with recording everyone singing.
  • Pitch change with high end 48bit DPS gives it an incredible sound with minimal artificial effect.
  • Clean and crisp sound from the speakers will blow away any event or party.
  • Smooth and natural sounding microphones will make you sound like a pro!
  • Watch internet TV, stream videos in 4K (H.265), and listen to high fidelity audio.
  • KProHD application lets you karaoke with ease and is controlled by your smart device.
  • Voice activated keyboard song search: works in Vietnamese and English!!
  • Studio Sound Maximizer (SSM): Will give you the best audio on the market!
  • Extremely accurate and easy to use smart air mouse with keyboard.
  • Reliable and complete amplifier protection.
  • Lifetime Support - We will personally help you fine tune your system
  • 3 Year Warranty - Any equipment failure will be covered for up to three years!


A whole new way to take control. A better way. 
With cutting-edge X Air digital mixer and PAX, we integrate the complete control with our included 8in HD Android tablet — for unprecedented control of the audio, karaoke and mobility. No more running back and forth to the mixer to control the sound, everything is at your finger tips.


Control via tablet on Pitch Change, Reverbs, Volumes, Effects

With our FREE tablet included, the entire PAX Karaoke system is at your finger tips, mixer console can be adjusted anytime at any place because it is controlled via WiFi network.

  • Adjust your Microphones, Main Volumes, Reverb, Pitch Change, Delay, Sound Effects right on the tablet, no more running back and forth to make adjustments!
  • Watching Movies, listening to Music with the same tablet, that fully controls the PAX System - searching songs, Singers or Lyrics in seconds, no more lugging around a big old song book.
  • The video clip shows how easy it is to change the pitch of a song without any distortion - that is the beauty of our system. Your favorite songs will never be too high or too low, distorted, or have unpleasant back ground music when you sing.
Here is the sound of our Karaoke System

These tracks were recorded LIVE with its recording capability

Thank you to Dr. Lily Nam Sinh for allowing us to post this track


Recorded with the PAX-PKG1 system 
Thank you to Kim Nhung for allowing us to post this track

  Feature Rich

USB Connectivity and Stereo Recording.

The front panel USB type-A connector makes the XR12 not only an amazingly powerful digital mixing solution, but also allows recording your live stereo tracks directly to attached USB flash media or hard drives. Dial in the perfect live mix with effects and zero-latency, while sending a dedicated stereo mix to your thumb drive for recording, or play music from your USB when ever you need.

App Controlled Digital Mixer - from Germany - this digital mixer has a 12-input, rack mountable stage box unit with four gain-programmable Midas-designed microphone pre-amps, renowned Audio effects rack, a 100-band Real Time Analyzer on all channels, bus EQs, a stereo USB recorder, and integrated Wi-Fi. Additional music instruments such as Guitar, Violin, Piano... can be connected to your Mixer to enhance your karaoke session.


PAX Entertainment System Karaoke Player

Smart Karaoke and Smart TV - once connected to your home WiFi, it will entertain your family in many ways:

  • Karaoke Session - Sing your heart our with our SSM feature, it brings your favorite songs to the next level, where no other Karaoke system in the market can compare.
  • Watch or listen to Korean , Chinese, Vietnam, English, French videos or audio tracks.
  • Play thousands of Video Games from Google Play.


  3-way Speakers

These speakers deliver a powerful yet clean sound. The fully tested components are housed in a rugged, heavy duty, road-worthy enclosure so you can expect reliable performance time after time. Great for karaoke parties, nightclubs and DJs, churches, concerts, and any other venue needing a strong crisp sound.

Wired and Wireless Microhone

A German made - Sennheiser e935 - the world famous microphone brand that used in "The VOICE" of NBC. Yes we include this famous brand microphone, so you can record a perfect song for your loved ones, a microphone that users rated as a perfect microphone for live performance recording even surpass industry standard Shure SM58, SM57 in some case. We included this mic just for you to record and have a fantastic time singing. Two wireless microphones are also included which allows users much more freedom than a wired microphone. Our system allows you to choose what's best for your style!


  Pro Stage cables

All cableson our system are using XLR or 1/4-Inch TRS balance - a pro-stage class - because our system is a professional system. These cables minimize, hum and static noise so the sound is clear and clean, these will provide quick, easy connection and year of service.

Updated Songs

The PAX Entertainment System Karaoke Player is an open ended system, you can add your new songs and as many as you want. Just copy your song or songs library to HDD folder Kpro and our PAX will do the rest. When you launch the KProHD Karaoke app it will update the song list automatically, your newly added song(s) can be searched via title or singer category.

  Lifetime Support

With our Lifetime Support, you know up front and with certainty how long your Karaoke System products are supported. The Lifetime Support Policy provides access to technical experts for as long as you are Registered with us, therefore as the owner of the PAX-PKG1 system, you can rest assure you will be worry free of any technical issues.

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