Thunderbolt 3 Four Bay Short 1U Rackmount SSD* | SATA | SAS (12 Gb/S) HW RAID, Rails Included

Quad interface RAID two bays with OXUFS946DSE

Thunderbolt 2 Four Bay Short 1U Rackmount SSD* | SATA | SAS (12 Gb/S) HW RAID

Thunderbolt 2 Four Bay 15 in Short 1U Rackmount SSD* | SATA | 12g SAS HW RAID, Rails Included

Short 2U Thunderbolt 2 Eight Bay rack Mount 15 In Depth SATA III | SAS (12 Gb/S) HW RAID Rails Included

Thunderbolt 2 Eight Bay Short 2U Rack RAID

Quad interface RAID two bays with OXUFS946DSE

As a successor of ezRAID and ezRAID3, DATOptic proudly presents our brand new ezRAID4. A with Hardware RAID engine supporting RAID 0, 1, and spanning over USB, FireWire, and eSATA with advanced encryption features such as AES-XTS and AES-CBC (optional).

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ezRAID4 - Key Features
  • Hardware RAID 0, 1, BIG and JBoD* no drivers required with encryption capable
  • Combo interafces: FireWire, USB2.0 and eSATA II (3Gb/sec) Connection with dual drive tray less hot swappable
  • Supports Non-compressed Video Streams up to HD 1080i & 1080p
  • Automatic On-Line Rebuilding RAID1
  • Buzzer for RAID error alarm
  • DirectAir(tm) for quiet and best thermal operation
  • 50K HDD insert cycles

Fast, Intelligent, and Flexible 
ezRAID4 offers a turn key solution for none technical users who need a reliable, fast, and easy to use RAID system including: Mirror (RAID 1), Stripe (RAID 0), JBoD and Large configuration with a push of a button and NO DRIVERS required.

Hardware RAID with USB 2.0 and eSATA Host Connection 
The ezRAID4 is a self contained storage solution for digital home and small office storage environment. It is a plug and play hardware RAID device and does not require drivers.

Easy to Use 

ezRAID4 is designed with no IT requirement in mind, just plug and it is ready to use in any configuration. Change RAID mode? Easy enough! Rotate the dial on the back of the unit to: PM, RAID 0, RAID 1 or LARGE push the CHANGE MODE button. The ezRAID4 will change modes within seconds.

RAID Architecture with Encryption (Optional) 
Featuring OSUFS946DSE chipset, ezRAID4 is a 100% hardware RAID requires NO DRIVER or SOFTWARE to install. Due to embedded RAID processor completely frees up the main CPU and provides the enhanced RAID modes, across OS platforms: MAC, Windows, or Linux without driver or utility needed.

ezRAID4 offer multiple RAID options and configurations to provide reliable data mirroring, data performance striping, or just plain capacity expansion.

  • Drives Encryption - The ezRAID4 also features drive encryption, which helps protect users' data by allowing them to password lock directly attached and cascaded drives. If an encrypted drive is detached from ezRAID4 assigned computer or cascade, the data on the drive will be inaccessible until it is reconnected and unlocked with the user supplied password.
  • Mirroring (RAID 1) — allows SATA hard drives to automatically copy primary hard drive without any CPU loading (typical 1% CPU resource). Our ezRAID4 provides automatic rebuild on SATA hard drives replacement and auto-failover to eliminate any workflow interruptions.
  • Stripping (RAID 0) — allows the SATA hard drives to performance stripe, to provide maximum throughput to the directly attached PC/Server.
  • Spanning — makes any SATA Hard drives (same or different sizes) appear as one large drive to the host for extra capacity (also called concatenation).
  • PM Mode — allows the SATA hard drives attached to PC/Server to see two drives.
  • GUI — this allows end users to control RAID system through RAID Manager GUI software.

    DirectAirtm DirectAirtm forces air directly into hard drives to keep their temperature close to ambient, often resulting in removal of close to 100% heat dissipation. By keeping the hard drive cool, HDDs increase stability, prolong HDD life, and increase efficiency also.

    ezRAID4 Direct_Air technology

    Tray-less = Time and Money Saved 
    With the new patented connector, end users can use the hard disk like compact discs or floppy disks. There is no tool or hard drive tray required, just the hard drive itself. It saves time and money and prolongs SATA HDDs due to NO SCRATCH connections. The trayless hard drive racks save cost and time, designed with built-in shock and vibration absorption mechanism to prolong and protect valuable data.

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Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
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