RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data) S3-DS3RA

RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data)

USB 3.0 | ESATA 6Gb To Dual SATA III (6Gb) RAID Bridge Board Support RAID0/1/JBoD -  eS6U3-DS3R

USB 3.0 | eSATA 6Gb To Dual SATAIII (6Gb) RAID Bridge Board Support RAID0/1/JBoD

eSATA to 5x SATA hardware RAID0/1/3/5/10/BIG/SPAN/CLONE and JBOD Controller

eSATA Hardware RAID 0/1/5/10/CLONE and Hots-pare SATA Port Multiplier Controller with JMicron

RAID0/1/ JBoD Controller Direct Attached Driver-Less (RAID Mirror Retain Data)

A driverless SATAIII 6Gbps controller with embedded RAID engine of RAID0/1 or JBoD support dual SATA III / SSD HDD, it is indiscriminate of system OS platform.
Driverless ==> easy to use
SATAIII (6Gb) RAID1 ==> best for SAFE and FAST SSD BOOT drive solution (retain data)
SATAIII (6Gb) RAID0 ==> best for speed BOOT drive solution - 500M+B/s
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S3-DS3RA - Key Features
  • Provides 4 hardware modes:
  • RAID 0 (Striping): for two disks with same capacity
  • RAID 1 (Mirroring): for two disks with same capacity - caoable of retain data from an existing hard drive
  • JBoD (Spanning): for two disks with different capacity
  • Normal (Dual Lun): Non-RAID - SATA host must support Port Multiplier
  • Support SATA I, II, III HDD SSD and even ODD in JBoD mode
  • Boot-able in ANY OS due to driver-less feature
  • Support ANY size of HDD up to 64TB, due to 48bit LBA address
S3-DS3RA an internal RAID0/1 solution with 6Gbps bandwidth. S3-DS3RA integrates three high-speed SATA III, a microprocessor, SRAM, PROM and other control logic into the a simple, easy, and driver -less RAID for boot drives in Mac, Windows and/or Linux

DIY RAID0/1 can not be easier than this! You can have a RAID0/1 (retain data mirror) volume @ 6Gb/s bandwidth and completely independent from your system OS, hardware RAID features, fully compatible with MAC, Windows, Linux or ANY OS that supports SATAI, II and III. Here is how:

To configure the raid with existing data. There are TWO ways - hardware OR Software GUI

Hardware without suing RAID GUI
- Connect ONLY HDD with data to the controller and connect the Host port to system SATA host port
- Set the jumper to RAID1 (mirror) - pin 3-4
- Power ON the controller, wait for 15 seconds
- Press and hold SW1 for at least 3 seconds
- The connected HDD now is RAID1 member
- Connect the blank HDD to D port of controller ( remember connect the power to this drive)
- Power on the system - your RAID should be rebuild in seconds and your data also accessible
Using GUI for Mac and Windows OS download here:

Mac OS: Mac GUI
Windows OS Windows GUI
To use this mode, there should be a jumper between 5-6 pins
- Connect ONLY HDD with data to the controller and connect the Host port to system SATA host port
- Run the RAID GUI, create RAID mirror with the GUI
- Hot connect the blank HDD to the controller, RAID will rebuild in seconds, while it rebuild your data still accessible
Note: recommend to use our MR105F (trayless HDD) - for easy remove HDD as back up, archive...

Users of the S3-DS3RA can eliminate host CPU resource loading by using S3-DS3RA

S3-DS3RA allows two SATAI, II or III drives to be configured as reliable data mirroring, data performance striping, or just plain capacity expansion, that connect to host @ 6Gbps

With an LED wire - See Option, use can easily detect the BAD drive or simple login download-able in RAID GUI in support tab

LED indication pins of the RAID status

  • Mirroring (RAID 1) — allows SATA hard drives to automatically copy primary hard drive without any CPU loading (typical 1% CPU resource). Our U3-DS3RA provides automatic rebuild on SATA hard drive replacement and auto-failover to eliminate any workflow interruptions.
  • Stripping (RAID 0) — allows the SATA hard drives to performance stripe, to provide maximum throughput to the directly attached PC/Server.
  • Spanning — allows SATA hard drives (same or different sizes) to appear as one large drive to the host, for extra capacity (also called concatenation).
  • Dual Drive Mode — allows the SATA hard drives attached to PC/Server to see two drives.
SSD transfer speed

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Part Number S3-DS3RA
Dual SATA I, II or III Drive RAID0/1/BID or JBoD to SATAIII host
Hard Drive Port 1x 7+15 direct SATA connect = 1x device and 1x host L type connectors
Form Factor Direct connect to SSD or 2.5/3.5 HDD
Host Connection Ports SATA 6.0Gbps
Chipset AsMedai 1092 Dual SATAIII Drive RAID chipset
Operating Temperature 0o C to 50o C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 2(D) x 3(W) x 1(H)
Connectors 1x eSATA
2x SATA L type
4-pin power connector x 1
SATA drives, Act and Link LED pins
Rotary switch to configure RAID mode
One button back up pins
Power Requirement 5V and 12VDC with Floppy connector
Package Contents S3-DS3RA bridge board
Can I make a RAID 1 array with an existing drive with data and a blank drive and still retain the data from the first drive? I need something like the S3-DS3RA, but I also need Error LEDs for each drive to indicate which one has failed?
S3-DS3RA does not have all the LED built-in, but you use the LED wire option to have LED indication

Can this support 5TB drives?
Yes, it supports 48bit LBA, we tested with 4, 5, 6, 8TB HDD and it works