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Our knowledgeable and courteous staffs are here for you both before and after your purchase. Offering best-of-class customer support channels, not offered by anyone else in the industry, we can be contacted via LiveChat, Email and Phone - compare and you will see why our best business is our return customers and referrals.

For your convenience, our phone hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am through 6:00 pm (PST) excluding U.S. National Holidays.

If you have a question about our products or would like assistance with finding a partner, our knowledgeable sales staff is available by calling 714.558.1808, 714 558 1680

Information on this terms and conditions policy page includes:

Support and Return policies: - Top

Every DATOptic order is carefully assembled, tested, packaged and shipped, and we support our products before and after the sale. If you have questions about support for DATOptic products or need to return your purchase for some reason, please be aware of the following guidelines.

When you receive your order:Top

Please check the contents of your shipment immediately against items marked as shipped on your invoice. Report any discrepancy in the number of items or damage to packaging to the carrier/agent that delivered the shipment to you. Sign only for the cartons actually delivered. If, upon further inspection, you notice further damage or loss, please save all packaging material and notify the carrier/agent immediately. If you make a report to the courier agent (notate deliverers name & time), please retain a case number (if given) and contact DATOptic via our HelpDesk Express System or Phone.

For other support, including online documentation and software, please see product pages for links to resources.

For direct support, we are happy to provide free real-time LiveChat support during normal business hours.

If you need to return DATOptic order or product:Top

We believe your order will reach you promptly and your product will work for you without a problem, but if you do have trouble, can't resolve it with the support resources mentioned above and need to return an item to us, please be aware of the following guidelines:

DATOptic offers a 30- day product money back guarantee on all items unless the item is not manufactured by DATOptic. Example: Hard drives, HBA, CPU, Memory, SSD... This return-able soley  based on our distributor, dealer policy

Custom built goods have a 15-day product money back guarantee. There will be a 25% restocking fee for all non-defective material.

Contact technical support to request an RMA number, but we hope you or your customer will visit us in online chat support to troubleshoot your problem before returning it. You must have an RMA number to return merchandise to DATOptic. The purchaser/customer is responsible for shipping back to DATOptic. We are not responsible for loss or damage incurred in shipment back to us, and we strongly recommend that you ensure the package(s) your returning.

If you do return something purchased from DATOptic, for tracking and control purposes we ask that you note the following RMA Guidelines:

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Guidelines

After you have contacted technical support, you will be issued a number for your return and sent an email telling you the procedure and return policies.

Those steps and policies can be summarized as follows: 
• Contact our support staff by phone, email or phone to obtain an "RMA number". 
• All products must be returned in the original packaging and include all documentation, manuals, software and cables (no exceptions). 
• All packages will be refused if an RMA number is not issued or clearly marked on the outside of the box. 
• All packages will be refused if returned COD or our shipping account number was used without previous permission.
• Domestic Orders: Purchaser is responsible for the return shipment and insurance cost. 
• International Orders: Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs "to" and "from" DATOptic. 
• DATOptic is not responsible for damage or loss incurred during shipment back to us, and we strongly suggest you insure your package. 
• RMA numbers are valid for 15 days, and the product(s) must be received by DATOptic before expiration. RMAs cannot be extended or re-issued.

All Returns must have an assigned RMA number visible on the package in order to ensure their efficient delivery and tracking.

General warranty info:Top
All products have a one (1) year warranty for parts and labor, with some exceptions or unless otherwise marked. Additional warranties or extended service plans are available as options when purchased. Please contact DATOptic for details.

DATOptic warrants its products (see exception below) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase unless otherwise marked or additional warranties or extended service plans purchased. During that time, should your product fail to be in good working order at any time, DATOptic will, at its option, repair or replace the device at no additional charge, except as set forth below.

Warranty service or replacement will be provided after you contact DATOptic Technical Support to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and instructions on where and how to obtain repair or replacement.

Important - Do NOT return a DATOptic product without retaining RMA number.

Shipping Options and Couriers: - Top
A few options are available for shipping on most orders, and you will be presented with the available options at the time of check out from the DATOptic store. If you are obtaining quotations for shipping cost, this can only be done by registering online as our system can only quote shipping rates when it knows where it is shipping to. Once registered shipping prices are displayed for each option, and you can choose based on price and available services. These options apply to most locations in the Continental US and Canada. If you would like to use your own courier accounts, this can be set up easily by sending us an email or fax - contact us for details.

Additional notes:

  • Some remote locations may not be accessible by one-day delivery service with our courier, and for these recipients "overnight" delivery can take two days or more. These locations are destinations well outside of urban areas and off the normal courier routes. We can't tell you when you order if your final destination falls into this category, but if you live in such a place you probably have some idea already. We apologize for the inconvenience and are assured the range of our chosen courier company is expanding rapidly.
  • In some rare cases when UPS or DHL/Airborne do not deliver timely (perform in the warranted time period) DATOptic.com can request a credit from the carrier and will credit the customer once the courier issues the credit to DATOptic.com. This can take weeks for the courier to credit service errors but this is out of our control and we will work responsibly for you in getting it resolved. Once the courier issues the credit to DATOptic.com we can credit the customer within 48 hours.
  • Most International deliveries are done only on an express or expedited delivery basis that to most locations takes three to four days. The situation above applies to international deliveries as well, and occasionally there are remote locations where delivery requires an extra day. Again, our apologies. Our courier for these orders is UPS or DHL/Airborne, known for their worldwide distribution system, and we are assured they are reaching new destinations every day.
  • Orders to international destinations can be delayed in customs, and the policies of border and customs agents change rapidly and DATOptic can't be aware of all variables. Purchaser/Customer is responsible for all customs and duties that apply in their country.

We will supply you with tracking info on your order, but can't be responsible for a shipment that is delayed because of remote location outside of normal courier routes, or unexpected delays in customs. We'll make every effort to help you track packages, and will contact couriers for you when there are issues, but not take responsibility in any way for these types of delays occurring outside of our offices and control.

DATOptic uses UPS/Fed-Ex or DHL/Airborne for overnight and international orders. All shipping rates are calculated in real time as the order is completed in our store and are drawn directly from the rates provided us by our couriers. We believe most rates to be accurate, but all orders are reviewed before fulfillment and in the event, there is a discrepancy in published shipping rate and actual rate you will be informed before your order is completed.

Turnaround Time On Online Orders & Payment Methods - Top
Many orders on in-stock items placed before 1 pm can usually be shipped the very same day, especially small items such as cables, adapters and none-raid enclosures. Orders are processed on a first-in, first-out base and none cancel-able after five working days PO is issued. If you absolutely must have something, we recommend you call us before ordering to verify current stock conditions but orders are more likely to require 24-48 hours from the time the order is placed to the time they leave our offices. Once again, if you have questions about the actual turnaround time of your order, please contact us.

All RAID systems are "Custom Built" and tested after the time of order. These "Custom Built" systems require approx 3-7 working days and SAN / NAS & Fibre Raids require as much as 7-10 working days. Time might vary, so please don't hesitate to contact us via email, or telephone to verify current shipping timelines.

In this context, "overnight delivery" means overnight from the time it leaves us.

We make our best effort to remain in stock on all items, and to post exceptions on the website or make other reasonable efforts to inform customers about product availability. Please contact us for questions about the availability of products.

All orders shipping within the state of California or with a payment form with a billing address within the state of California is subject to 7.75% California Sales Tax. DATOptic Inc. does not bill or collect Sales Tax outside the state of California. If the customer has a California Reseller Certificate, this certificate must be faxed or received prior to shipping the order. It would be prudent to call and confirm receipt of your tax certificate as once the shipment is sent, then the customer will need to reclaim the funds when filing you California Sales & Use Tax Return.

DATOptic accepts: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal and American Express.

Shipping to an address different than the billing addressTop

If the billing address on your credit card and the shipping address do not match, we will ask that you complete our credit card authorization form. This form enables you to provide a copy of your credit card for our records. DATOptic will not ship, unless previously setup between customer and DATOptic, to an address different from the billing address without this documentation, a step taken to protect you from fraudulent orders.

If you are shipping to an address other than the billing address on the credit card, please download and complete this credit card authorization form. (PDF). Follow the instructions on this form. Your order can not ship to an address different from the billing if we do not have this form in our records.

Canceling An Order

If you are needing to cancel an online order placed with DATOptic Inc., we strongly suggest you call (714 558 1808) immediately, and not email nor HelpDesk. In stock items ship quickly and email requests to cancel orders may be received too late to stop shipment or charging of your credit card. Orders are one cancel-able after five working days PO is issued

If you do use email to cancel an order and we fail to receive it in time, we will, of course, accept the return, but you will be subject to the shipping charge both to-and-from your address. By phone or live chat, and DATOptic rep can cancel your order on the spot and give your confirmation information.

Ordering "Offline"Top

On International orders and in some other circumstances, our customers have asked that they are provided a way to order "offline".

To order without going through our online store, in short, you will determine your price and fax or mail your order in along with payment.

Determine your price: The best way to determine your price is to place the order in our online store, where you will be quoted a final price before being asked for any credit card information. If you stop here and don't enter credit card info, you will not be charged, but the price you are quoted will be final. You can use that to determine your price on an order you mail in or fax. Since shipping rates depend on your ultimate destination, exact package weights, and the shipping option you choose, there is no other accurate way to determine your cost. You may choose your payment option in the store, and print the order directly from the page.

This page can be faxed or mailed to DATOptic. You can also easily go through an order process and save the orders as a quotation and print the quote so you have a final price which you can send in with your payment. Mail or fax your completed order form in.. Payment can be mailed in or arranged by wire transfer (contact a DATOptic rep for banking information)

Sending your order and payment by mail or fax: - Top
13884 Harbor Blvd 
Ste. 7C
Garden Grove CA. 92483 USA
Tel: 714 558 1808 0 714 558 1680
Arranging payment by wire transfer:Top
When paying by wire transfer (For International orders) your bank will ask you for information on our bank. Contact us for details.

A Note About Special Offers & Discount PricingTop

DATOptic often makes special prices and promotions available to it's customers on our mailing list or through other special web offers. Sometimes these orders will be billed in a special way to reflect the promotion.

Any items designated in a mailout special offer or on the product web page as "Preorder Status" means the item is not currently in stock, and is either a preorder of a new product or an advance order on a new build of a product being updated or its shipping delayed until a later date for some reason. Often we advertise special new low prices and designate items as preorder because we are buying a large volume of parts at a special low price and passing the savings on to you. In order to lock these orders in so we can better estimate total numbers, we will often charge your credit card early. These kinds of orders can still be cancelled, but charging your card early allows us to lock in a low price, and then ship orders quickly (with the paperwork all done) when they finally ship. If you feel your credit card has been charged before your order ships, please check the web page for that product to determine if it is a preorder item.

Notes on international orders:

There are a number of special circumstances the customer should be aware of on orders shipping to an international address.

International OrdersTop
DATOptic is happy to ship orders to International destinations. But in order to protect ourselves and our customers, we require additional verification of credit cards in the form of a legible photocopy of the front and back of your card mailed or faxed to us after your order is placed and before it ships. It is very important to know that the back of the card must be ledge able so we can contact the bank in question for verification.

Place your order in the DATOptic store (If you have been referred to this page, you probably have already placed your order) Download and complete Credit Card Authorization Form, which contains all necessary instructions. Click here to download the form. (PDF). NOTE: All information on the credit card must be legible as we contact the issuing bank for verification of address, person name, etc... Please make sure we can read the front and back of the card clearly or this will delay your order. Fax or mail completed form to DATOptic - All contact info is on the form and again at the bottom of this page. If using regular mail, please inform us so we will know to expect your documentation. Orders not validated in this way within 15 days are dropped from our records and your credit card information expunged. Your completed form will be kept on file and these steps will not be required on future orders unless your credit card expires. These steps are taken to protect against credit card fraud. Double verification of your credit card protects YOU against someone else using your account without your card. Many companies are no longer shipping internationally because of these problems. Some countries or shipping destinations require all sales only accepted by wire transfer or paypal funds transfer.

If you can't download this form or for some other reason cannot place your order, please see our instructions for placing orders offline (including bank wire transfer information and instructions for completing orders outside of our on line store) or call a DATOptic representative for assistance..

Additional information about international orders:Top
There are no special charges on international orders, but all shipping and insurance costs to and from international customer destinations are the sole responsibility of the customer. DATOptic is not responsible for duties and taxes imposed by customs in your country. Our courier for international deliveries recommend you check with the local office in your city to find out if any additional fees will be imposed at the time of delivery or billed later. DATOptic Inc. is not responsible for these charges, tarrifs or fees levied in your country. Even in the event you refuse delivery of your package, you are still responsible for any charges incurred.

Shipping and insurance charges in our on line store are taken from service charge tables and reflect standard rates for your destination, but in some cases may differ from actual final shipping charge. DATOptic will contact you if there is any difference in the shipping charge you are quoted and your final charge. All shipping and insurance costs to and from international customer destinations are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Privacy Policy & Statement: - Top
The DATOptic web site has been designed to provide a safe, effective means to gather information and place orders via the Internet. Privacy is of great importance; and information you provide to DATOptic does not leave DATOptic. There is enough junk mail / e-mail spam in the world, DATOptic does not sell, trade, or otherwise exchange customer addresses or e-mails.

For the purpose of security, this site offers 256bit SSL Encryption of sensitive data. This process is endorsed by the credit card issuers as a safe way to transmit sensitive data via the Internet. Checking out using SSL Encryption ensures that the information you provide will be accessible only to DATOptic. Also DATOptic does not store your credit card information in any of our systems, this is done also for your security. Any changes or returns will require us to contact you to get your credit card information.

DATOptic provides links to other web sites that provide sales and information we believe may be useful to our customers. DATOptic does not pass any information to these web sites at anytime and is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such web sites.

Entire Agreement (Policies & Procedures): This Agreement (Policies & Procedures) represents the entire agreement and understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements (including any credit card agreements or warranties) and understandings between them relating to the transaction. No terms and/or conditions other than those set forth in this Agreement (Policies & Procedures) shall be binding on DATOptic Inc. unless expressly agreed to in writing by DATOptic.com .

Construction: Each party intends that this Agreement (Policies & Procedures) in all respects shall be deemed and construed to have been mutually by all.

Severability: Should any provision of the Policies and Procedures be held to be void, invalid, or inoperative, such provision shall be modified to reflect the fullest enforceable intent for DATOptic.com , or if such modification is not possible, severed, and the remaining provisions of this contract shall not be affected and shall continue in full force and effect.

Force of Nature:DATOptic.com shall not be liable for its failure to perform any of its obligations hereunder during any period in which such performance is delayed by circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, interruptions in telecommunication services or Internet access, fire, flood, earthquake, war, embargo, strike, acts of God or the intervention of any governmental authority.

Confidentiality: Each party acknowledges and agrees that any information or data it has acquired or will acquire from or about the other party, not otherwise properly in the public domain, was or will be received in confidence. Each party agrees not to divulge, communicate or disclose, except as may be required by law or for the performance of this Agreement (Policies and Procedures), or use to the detriment of the other party or for the benefit of any other person or persons, or misuse in any way, any confidential information of the other party, including any scientific, technical, trade or business secrets of the other party and any scientific, technical, trade or business materials that are treated by the other party as confidential or proprietary, including, but not limited to, ideas, discoveries, inventions, developments and improvements belonging to the other party and confidential information obtained by or given to the other party about or belonging to third parties. If either party's confidential information is required to be disclosed pursuant to a requirement of a governmental authority, such confidential information may be disclosed by the other party pursuant to such requirement so long as the disclosing party gives the other party timely prior notice of such requirement and coordinates with the other party in an effort to limit the nature and scope of such required disclosure.


Disclaimer & Legal - Top

Governing Law . Any legal proceeding shall be governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of the state of California. Jurisdiction and venue of any legal proceeding shall be in Orange County, California but both customer and DATOptic agree that all disputes will be settled through mandatory Arbitration, located in Santa Ana, California. By submitting and agreeing to our policies and procedures you have read and understand the terms and policies and procedures set forth on throughout this page and by completing any transaction with DATOptic Inc. agree to be bound by these policies and procedures described throughout this page. The date of execution shall be the date the order it was placed.

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