Surgeons,  Dentists, Hygienists LED headlamps with spot-light

Surgeons, Dentists, and Hygienists Universal LED Head Lamp round beam

Surgeons, Dentists, and Hygienists Universal LED Head Lamp round beam

Clear, spot, bright, universal and daylight spectrum our LED Headlamps is a must for surgeons, dentists, hygienists to provide an extra visualization detail

Forty-Five (45) days money back warranty

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We are so confident about our product, we offer forty-five days money back warranty. Feature:
  • - Special optical design disperse evenly light in round spot.
  • - There is no light gradient providing better visualization.
  • - High reliable industrial connectors with UNIVERSAL Clip on.
  • - Multilple points of connection and latching.
  • - No more accidental discord.
  • - Can be replacement of any loupes.
  • - Ergonomics with advanced optical technologies.
  • - Two years limited warranty

    Our new high-intensity universal portable LED headlight system provides 5 levels of crisp illumination typical up to 45000Lux at 16″ (40cm) for 8-hours from a single battery charge. Its surgical quality optic has a fully adjustable iris that projects a 1-to-4-inch clean spot at a 16″ (40cm) working distance.

    With a unique 5 levels, intensity control settings designed into its battery with clip-in and a highly reliable (industrial) snap-in latching – to form a reliable connection, no more on flickering.

    With ONE ON/OFF setting, this can be simplifying the usage, set the desire bright-ness then simply turns ON and OFF

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    Manual, Drivers, Download-able
    Model HL-8S
    Optical data LED type White high-performance LED (3Watts)
    Typical colour temperature CCT 6300K
    Colour Rendering Index CRI Approximately 70
    Typical luminous flux 31,000 lux (WD 250mm)
    Typical illumination diameter 70mm (WD 250mm)
    Average LED life cycle 30,000 hours (luminous flux at 70% of
    the maximum)
    Electrical data Operating voltage /
    3.3V /550mA
    Power consumption Max. 1.8watts
    Working time 9hours (Max power)
    Battery cycle life >700cycles  (3.7V4400mAh )
    Charging time <8hours
    LED dimming Push-button switch (25%, 50%,75%,100% Level)
    High temperature cut-out Cooling Passive
    Temperature Temperature control of the LED
    External wide range power supply Primary AC100 - 240 volts, 50-60 Hz, max. 0.35A
    Secondary 5.0V 1A
    Dimensions LED illumination device (D x W x H) Ø 16mm x 18mm
    LED Unit Weight 7.7g (without cable )
    Battery pack  (D x W x H) 24mm x 66mm x73mm(Plastic case )
    Battery Weight  140g
    Charger (D x W x H) 61x 40 x 32 mm (without plug)
    Charger Weight 69 g (without plug)
    Protection Class IP protection class IP 20
    Cable Flexing test Over 10,000.0 times  
    Operating conditions Ambient temperature 0°C~40°C
    Relative humidity 85% max.
    Transport and storage conditions Temperature —20°C .. +40 ℃
    Relative humidity 10 ... 95 % (non-condensing)
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